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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Info

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Info

No I think what googling it I know it was not soon would be partly headed toward very good no no just why if something to emotion she's all I closed down okay oh hi planetary and that is in the Predacons like to but yeah yeah what you tearing about like she said she encourages activity so that's why seen your husband Lee like I definitely like strengthen your waist long as they're okay with I can read yeah let us know if you come up with something which she told her what sports you play there's no pain or limitation because she was surprised she didn't have more less range of motion but she wants to hello check fun and she all had a blood test so it's like oh my gosh as I answer another thing you just thought you were coming out of the medical I know I know but no which it gonna be mad it's not like definitive you know like so there's no like one set but right right right now is usually a lot of rule rule out what you want again on to maybe it'll just go away after the ins right hello hello okay well I'll do a little every day I told her seriously I'll get all the shoes I woke up this morning go citroen at all okay I mean that's like huge a tech but I know it's like my lawyer yeah all right all right here don't know your oh ok I mean cogs if i press the difference yeah so that's okay so I way better than to yeah well let me just like my mom what time I was like this we haven't met me my name is a play that song yeah the corresponding secretary countries are so welcome price targets Arabella Jeffries enough I know okay anyone share your clothing is it I could bike oh wait I'm joining the two thousand delegate assembly you're giving you a warm welcome to come an attorney okay recipes process yeah my online is a rabbit is terrible thinks I'm degree dollars wrong net worth of something original and 49 I was so if you're interested but you can unpack one of your officers for the facial district is not a real shot of incidence so we're happy to have some little party here today there's not as a foundation finally graduated upstate medical university into their legendary since then she's done several horses in specifically related you know if he's that if he's comfortable for a do you have for to remember a few medicines directed by so like answered by some 2012-2022 she took the course advanced McCracken you're not going to layer stop in like right we're going to scrimmage on here the whole time out I 2022 we took the course cervical Jenna Regina got a Robert Randall but you really want so I ok Lee also have some certification in the ls VP big crew folks to work let people know parkinson good night of generation and aluminum walk on your background she has an undergraduate degree in fine arts and dance someone to like a butcher you manager not sure to you have a lot of great idea but high-level balance y'all thank you so much for producer or see that I mean like the one thing matters here there is computer codes like so tonight we're talking about value equal treatment for posterior circulation al-hakim feel the breeze kind of it the reason I chose this topic is on the stratagem only comment was cute and cause the vertical that we're going to see a physical therapist but so they've decals for tonight every visit I mean I've had an offer to be a liability the reasonable discuss the various causes of vertigo music review BPPV and cash drawers or close your semicircular canal all right good luck why we're going to do up here tonight is mostly lecture we couldn't move yeah I need to schedule and I guess I can look it up online here so what we figured was those diagrams of the diet oh sweet investor done I want to see where this after the lecture you want to do a home demonstration in practice so i'll definitely get to one yeah so anatomy of the vestibular systems peripheral system there's three semicircular canals the posterior semicircular canal also called inferior anterior semicircular canal or superior in horizontal or lateral okay the semicircular canals sense angular acceleration this is a picture of a cupola and with the hair cells projecting into it the QP will fit in an area called to Angela that's that widened area this will work the widened area at the bottom there with the arrow coming out of it that is the ampulla of each time a circular canal has one of those with a cupola in it the cupola is the gelatinous material that surrounds hair cells it is the deflection of that cupola when endolymph in the semi-circular female cast is over it that causes the firing rate in the particular nerve to increase or decrease depending on the movement of the head this is just another close-up picture of that you guys want the lights off would that be better are you okay thank you okay okay so further on the peripheral system there's two otolith organs these are those also called macula these are the organs that's a calcium crystals should add calcium crystals also referred to as o de Colonia the two otolith organs sense linear acceleration there's the saccule in the utricle health of the two organs it's a relationship between the utricle and the posterior semicircular canals an important one the utricle sits near the opening to the posterior semicircular canal and is the reason that that canal is mostly involved in bppv that's the most common canal that you'll see the.

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