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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Payments

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Payments

It was going on guys is Ruchi I'm back at it just to give you guys an update told you guys I'll be making more videos so today this morning I woke up around some errands came back checking my mailbox and I got some stuff in the mail I got this and then I got this alright so let's go see what all of this is about I remember what MCA so I'm guessing that this package was intentional all right okay look what we have here let's say you're Motor Club benefits my motor club benefits so there's going to open it up let's see what we have here okay got a car and this is official I got my naming everything on it let me see if I can get that okay got a bumper sticker here says I'm out to your window you can put it on the window five thousand dollar reward a whole bunch of stuff these are just all my benefits how do you know what my benefits are imma just you know show you guys and for those of you guys who are still confused they're still debating on whether or not you should join the hotel motor car rental all of that again all of these discounts all of these benefits film each travel services I mean everything they have all of this in the package now this is just my benefits I wasn't really looking forward to that but hey since I got it I'm a member okay let's go home open up the second package okay what do we have here except for $77 I was able to sign up one person last week and they sent me a check for $77.77 ooh okay y'all see this dub okay well don't get TVC marketing to some boys - most legit all right I'm from the head a sign on that later so y'all who still confused still don't know what to do you just take $40 to sign up you signed up whoever you Ferb they give you $80 it took off $3 that's for processing it doesn't matter but you still get $80 I'm looking forward to hearing back from some of y'all I sent a lot of information nobody got back at me I don't know why but hey so uh I do have another check coming in the next Monday I'm gonna be looking forward to that as well y'all gonna see it another video from me but um yeah I just hit me I have any questions inbox me most yeah I got my phone number just hit me up I'm here thanks for watching.

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