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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Pdf

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Pdf

PDF forms can be made fillable using Adobe Acrobat professional first create your form in the program of your choice like Microsoft Word in save your form as a PDF make sure that you keep your original Word document in case you need to make changes in the future it's much easier to edit a Word document than a PDF next open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat professional I'm using version 10 add the right choose tools forms then create a wizard will open select use an existing file and click Next then select use the current document Acrobat will automatically identify the form fields the form I'm using is pretty simple so all the fields were recognized any fields that may not have been recognized can be manually added later let's look at one of the form fields and see what we can do with the form let's look at a text field first right click name and choose properties a few properties that can be set are if the field is required or not the font and font size of the typed text alignment of the text within the field and the character limit there are also some special formats for text fields zip code and phone number can be automatically formatted by Acrobat choose the format tab select special and pick the formatter for this form I'm choosing the five-digit zip so I'll pick the first option for zip code next we have a yes-or-no question we can see in the list on the right that Acrobat group the answer choices together but the question is not defined right click undefined in the list and rename it to contact let's check to see if the properties for yes and no are crack I'll fix the tooltip and then choose options to select the checkmark as the marker for yes and then I'll do the same for no now let's configure the large text box at the bottom under options we see that the text can span multiple lines but I don't want the text enter disc roll I want the text to fit in the box the best way to do that is to limit the text entry to a certain number of characters I think 500 characters should be more than enough when you're done click file and save if you click preview you can see how the form will look to those filling it out now we need to make sure that people can complete the form and save it click Edit and then close form editing this tells Acrobat that we are done editing the form then click file save as reader extended PDF and choose enable additional features click Save now and give the PDF form a new name that indicates to you that it can be filled out remember in order to fill out a PDF form a person must have reader installed on their computer it's a free download not only can they fill out the form but they can save the completed form to their computer and email it to you or they can print it.

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