Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Recipient

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Recipient

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday it's a time Tuesday and today I'm going to show you a trick on saving your Google Form and printing it your students might not have a Chromebook or at the high school you might just have one student it doesn't have a Chromebook you want to make sure they get the Google form to take as well so you have a Google form I have one here already made up so I go ahead and I go to file and I just go ahead and go to print and here it has save as PDF I want to print I can change that and find a printer but I'm going to go ahead and click Save because I would want to go ahead and save it first and then I'll go ahead and find a place where I want to save it I'm going to go ahead and save it down in technology I'm going to save it my Google and tech training and let's save it underneath forms and I have Smart Notebook lesson and I'm going to go ahead and just save it and there I have it saved and I can go ahead and print it off as well go to file and again just go to print and it says save as PDF and go ahead and go to change and here is where you can select your printer to go ahead and print from so you can print it off so all your students have the Google form see you next time on tech time Tuesday

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