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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Rural

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Rural

Okay guys so I've got some of you guys sent me this just so you know this is a quick update here I don't want anybody being you know fallen for anything as I've said many times you don't want to really fill out any government forms as then it's getting implied consent so they sent me this I took a look and he's trying to claim that he knows the way to access the Bureau of public debt etc etc but what is he pushing he's pushing a Treasury direct form that Treasury direct farm is right here okay form five four four four II now this is a unlock form now see it says Bureau of the fiscal service which falls under the Bureau of public debt now again just because something has a relation to another Department our bureau does not mean that that is the solution to accessing these accounts so what I'm going to do here because I'm going to enter it with an open mind I read this and 4048 what's to actually pop you up take a quick look this will stop buffer in here everything's been running slow ever since I've been doing all this let's take a look-see I'll offer the public debt no okay whatever you guys can see what he's trying to say here I'm not gonna plays video yeah so yeah I'll answer with an open mind but nowhere in here does it say that this you know one opens up a trust account or debt account it's more or less to unlocking account so again a hard lock reset let's take a look so we're gonna call the Treasury direct and we're gonna find out this is their phone number so this is Treasury direct right so I've got some couple questions one of them is regarding the FS form five four four four II okay so that's for the bureau of fiscal service correct so that's the bureau of public debt okay so is that form how I would access my Treasury Direct trust fund that is you know I'm sure you guys have had those questions that the trust fund that is put in place at birth it's uh helped by our all capital fictitious strawman so the the form five four four four what is that exactly did what is that for okay so it's just to verify the identity so now by doing that sorry I just want to clarify I'm I'm trying to put some misinformation that's being put out to bed um so that's pretty much the reason for my call um now with the the form five four four four now why would the bureau of fiscal service be the one that is you know involved with verifying identity if it doesn't connect to any other fund does the bureau of fiscal service oversee Treasury Direct to redirect is a program where you could buy electronic savings bond or electronic Treasury bill notes or bond but the bureau that oversees that program so anything that happened on that website they would have authority to control in the form of that because their process that you're going through yes if you set up an account and like I said there's something about the information you provide it's not correct about the Overstreet program okay so yeah but by filling out forms five four four four then that that is only to like remove a hard lock on your account pretty much okay so it's not going to like establish identity for for any government trust funds based off the removal of gold in 1933 okay I'm gonna I'll say I agree with you on the form but I don't agree that that's a scam I after doing plenty of research it is not a scam nobody's asking for money it's going based off of for the mouth that's why I'm trying to keep people educated and informed on the what's really going on here versus you know dead-end leads which I after reading form five four four four I know that that is a dead-end lead but just for your own um you know sake I would strongly recommend maybe you know take I'm not telling you go and jump on any of those accounts or anything like that but really open you know take a look at what's really the information that's being provided because it's not a scam nobody's asking for money for information information is getting passed freely it's it goes to the highest level the Federal Reserve which is the Rothchilds owned banking private banking cartel they stole all of our gold in nineteen 33 and they they have these uh you know as we know we have a fiat currency it's backed by nothing so there needs to be something to keep the value of that currency to have some kind of collateral or backing with the amount of money that's been printed and that's where that comes from we are the collateral well but yeah it's it's truthfully it's not a scam um but I don't recommend going out and just you know using those accounts I myself personally I'm looking for disclosure and I'm looking for you know an investigation from the government to be done into the Federal Reserve on that so but thank you so much I really appreciate the information I appreciate you putting you know this this dead-end lead to to bed for me so thank you so much thank you see you guys that that's how I tell you handle um someone who you know just because of the quick oh that's a scam then you know that they don't know a thing about they have no clue they're just saying what they've been told and they haven't had any spark of interest to take a look so I just planted a seed that woman very well may.

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