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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Rural

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Rural

Okay, guys, so I've got some of you guys sent me this, just so you know, this is a quick update here. I don't want anybody being, you know, fallen for anything. As I've said many times, you don't want to really fill out any government forms as then it's getting implied consent. So they sent me this. I took a look and he's trying to claim that he knows the way to access the Bureau of public debt, etc., etc. But what is he pushing? He's pushing a Treasury direct form. That Treasury direct farm is right here, okay? Form 5444 II. Now, this is an unlock form. Now, see, it says Bureau of the fiscal service, which falls under the Bureau of public debt. Now, again, just because something has a relation to another Department or bureau does not mean that that is the solution to accessing these accounts. So, what I'm going to do here, because I'm going to enter it with an open mind, I read this and 4048, what's to actually pop you up? Take a quick look, this will stop buffer in here. Everything's been running slow ever since I've been doing all this, let's take a look-see. I'll offer the public debt, no okay, whatever, you guys can see what he's trying to say here. I'm not gonna play his video, yeah. So yeah, I'll answer with an open mind, but nowhere in here does it say that this, you know, one opens up a trust account or debt account. It's more or less to unlocking an account. So again, a hard lock reset, let's take a look. So we're gonna call the Treasury direct and we're gonna find out. This is their phone number, so this is Treasury direct, right? So I've...