Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Taxpayer

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Taxpayer

Hey everybody it's Lester since if you don't know I am I'm sillas Thoresen I do work online I've been doing it for a while now I really really enjoy it and this is the opportunity that I have decided to go with it's just blowing my mind with the compensation plan and all the benefits to this so it's my e calling the personal financial success company it is a it has a credit repair service so it's just thirty five ninety or thirty five dollars sorry just started five dollars to get started and you're gonna be able to repair your credit while making money through referrals okay so every person that you refer to the company or pay two thirty five dollar commission and it doesn't stop there there's residual income it the earning potential with this is just phenomenal it's amazing so you're not only gonna get my free full access training with this you're also gonna get added into a group with thousands and thousands of members and the founder at that group makes fourteen thousand dollars a month so when I tell you guys this is huge like you're not gonna find a better team you're not gonna find this is just it blows my mind okay so let's just jump right into it welcome to my econ and online role mint simply complete the five easy steps on the following screens click the button below to begin ok so it says during this process please do not use the back button on your browser on the final page which is step five you will be given the opportunity to edit and review any entries made along the way ok so let's go ahead and click start in get started okay so verify your sponsor so if you're signing up with me you're gonna want to make sure that says Celeste Thurston okay if you're if I'm not if you're not signing up through me if you're signing up through your own sponsor you know obviously make sure their name is there but most likely if you're getting this video you're gonna sign up through me which is your sponsor just make sure that says Celeste Arison click continue and then this is very self-explanatory just gonna put your name your number it is gonna ask your social security number any job I have ever had has asked me for my social security number so even when I work fast food and I was a waitress still asked me for my social security number why because this is a very legitimate business and they do have to report your income to the IRS okay so that's all there is there you don't have to worry about your spouse's information don't worry about any of your personal information this doesn't go to anybody they don't send it off to anybody or anything like that and there's no state license these okay so like I hate to compare this to NCA because I really enjoyed MCA but they did have you know license fees you don't have to worry about that with this company okay and then you're gonna do your shipping address and then your foreign email and then I just picked this one right here the $34.95 so I just say not got $35 if you want to pick this one which is the upgraded package you'll get the cashback mall and that's just where you'll get coupons and stuff for shopping online so totally up to you but I just chose this one just initial here and then it's gonna ask you for you don't need a coupon code and you don't need this so it's gonna ask you to create a username I just created mine success with Celeste so it's success with Celeste money con dotnet you can make your success with success with Sally dot my condo at net or success with Brian or make money with Brian or make money with Sally or make money with Becky or whatever you want it to be okay and then you would just click continue I don't think it will let me show you but you'll just enter in your payment information I can't show you that obviously it's already joined but okay yeah so after that you would just click continue and it will ask you for your credit card information and you will just finalize it and then as soon as you're done you will just message me and I will get you out into training ok guys let's make lots of money

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