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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Updated

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Updated

This presentation is a guide to completing the form i-765 application for employment authorization for opt students many students have questions regarding the form i-765 so this tutorial will answer common questions and prdetailed instructions on completing the form you may obtain the current version of the form i-765 from the link here it is highly recommended to download the form and complete it by typing answers than printing and signing the application we do not recommend hand writing the application please note that the i-765 is subject to changes and this video was made for the version released on may 31st 2022 on page 1 in part 1 of the form the applicant must indicate the reason for applying if you have never applied for work authorization document EAD card from USCIS please check the Box initial permission to accept employment if you have applied for opt in the past please check the Box 1c renewal of my permission to accept employment on page 1 and part 2 information about you please write your name as it appears on your passport if you have had previous legal names such as your last name before marriage please write that in the other names use section on the right on page 2 for question 5 you must enter the mailing address that will be used for your I 765 application this is the address where all documentation regarding your case including your EAD card will be sent it should be a residence where you intend to live for at least 3 to 5 months in the future you must write your name on the mailbox in order to ensure the successful delivery of your EAD card if you prefer you may use the address of Lascelles office of international services or a reliable friend or family member in this case you should write the person's name in question five a in care of name for question six you should indicate if this is your physical residence by answering yes or no if the address used in question five is not where you actually live you must write your physical address at the time of the application for questions seven on page two in the section called other information you should answer questions eight and nine if you have previously filed an application with USCIS and if you have an alien registration number or online account number answer the personal questions about gender and marital status in questions 10 and 11 and for question 12 answer yes or no if you have ever filed an AI 765 application before for question 13 answer yes or no if you have been issued a social security card if you answered yes to number 13 a please enter your social security number in question 13b if you do not have a social security number you can select YES on question 14 to apply for one in the opt application process if you intend to apply for a Social Security number answer yes to questions 14 and 15 and pryour parents information in question 16 and 17 for question 18 list all countries where you are currently a citizen or a national on page three enter the information about your place and date of birth in questions 19 and 24 question 21 enter your i-94 arrival and departure record you can obtain this by going to the website you can also enter your current passport information regarding the passport number country of issuance and expiration date for question 22 look at your i-94 record to rate the last date of arrival into the United States and in question 23 enter the city where you arrived to the US note that this may be different than your final destination for questions 24 and 25 enter your immigration status the most recent time that you arrived in the US and your current status such as f1 student for question 26 entered the Sivas number on your i-20 on page 3 on the right column under the eligibility category section you must answer question 27 for post-completion opt used after graduation enter the code c3b for pre-completion opt used during your academic program enter the code c3a if you are applying for pre or post completion opt you can leave the questions 28 to 31 on page 3 blank on page 4 in part 3 applicant statement consent information declaration certification and signature start with the application statement section select 1a in the contact information section if you have prepared and completed the application yourself in the contact information section enter your phone number in the daytime phone number section and mobile phone section and enter your personal email address finally on the right side in the applicants signature section type the date that you completed the form then you should save and print the completed form sign on the form in pen do not use an electronic signature for the form i-765 starting on page 4 until page 6 is four parts four and five interpreter and preparer statement if you did not use the services of an interpreter or preparer you may leave all of the questions in part four and five blank on page seven in section six additional information you may use this space for additional information if you did not have enough space to answer questions in the previous sections of the application.

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