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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Agencies

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Agencies

Hey what's up everyone a little chat here from viewership calm we have Neal Mattel here for Q&A Thursday's where basically we go through all of your comments we find the most relevant ones and I'm gonna ask them to kneel and really pick his brain and get all the good stuff that you want to hear from him so well first off thank you for leaving comments the more comments you guys leave on my videos we're gonna end up using them and then make sure we answer them in future videos we can be doing a Q&A each and every single week going after the most asked questions in marketing so the ones that get uploaded the most those are the ones that we're gonna answer so if you see a comment and you like it upload it if you want the answer to it or if you have your own question make sure you leave a comment with your question and we may consider it for our next week's Q&A video leave that right there below so this one's from boost ORM hi Neil I want to start my own SEO agency I have some clients also right now but I'm not sure I will get more clients in the future please tell me what I can do alright so and here's what I would do and I was in this position when I first started at SEO agency and people nowadays like Oh Neil you're well-known it's so easy for you but when I'm starting out was a little kid 16 years old and when you're 16 who wants to give money to a 16 year old to I don't have money 3 I don't have a college degree 4 I didn't have any experience yeah it was really tough and I can even give you a number 5 or 6 or whatever we're on the next one would be I would go to school from 8 a.m. to roughly 2 o'clock in the afternoon so customers would be like wait you can only work on my account for 2-3 hours a day I'm like nah I'll work nights and weekends as well and I still made it SEO agency work and I was a little kid I got into well into the six figures per month this is in high school and I know at 16 I capped out around 20,000 a month and then I grew from there and I'm not trying to brag I'm just trying to prove a point that if I could do it when I was 16 anyone can do it sure that's the first thing someone needs to know if you want to start an agency and you guys want to go and create something don't be afraid just believe in yourself exactly just believe in yourself okay the second thing is the way I used to get clients and this still works today I would go find out who's doing a ton of ads on Google Adwords and back in the day there weren't tools like there are now but if you go to SEM rush and you put in the company URL it'll even tell you how much money they're spending each month that'll give you idea of how much money a company has because they spent five hundred thousand a month or a million or 200 thousand there's a good chance they could pay you for SEO you don't want to go after the ones who spend a half a million or a million a month because those guys are big organizations it's gonna be too hard to find the right people to go out there and sell right you want to go after the ones who are spending like 20 30 grand a month hit up the bounder and shoot an email that goes something like this right so now that you figured out who to go after the third step would be you create an email and send it off to them and it could be something like hey John I noticed that you're spending a lot on Google Adwords what if I can end up getting you similar amount of traffic from the same keywords without spending money on paid ads would that interest you yeah a lot of CEOs will ignore you but if I sent you then you're spending 30 grand a month what would you say Don or at least you'll get on the phone you may not hire will get on the phone with me well I think that's the thing is most people think you have to focus on inbound and not doing the outreach owns do know they're all lazy yeah and it's easier to get them from outbound and inbound because the problem with inbound is like we generate it right now around 5,000 consulting leads a month almost like 90 something percent are not qualified right and that's a problem you end up with inbound outbound you can have a hundred percent qualified because you're reaching out to the people that you know that can pay you another strategy that I love using is crunchbase so I go on crunchbase they list out all the companies that are recently funded their valuations how much money they raise when these companies raise four or five million dollars and you hit them up in their investors up you always want to hit up their investors because it works if you invested in a company and someone emailed you saying like hey this company you invested in is screwing up what are you gonna do yeah you are oh right yeah so I find all the companies that recently raised money and out Imam I recently are I did this when I was a kid too Michael Moritz at Sequoia Capital and one of the companies he invested in and I emailed bottom like you know hey.

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