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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Agencies

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Agencies

Hey, what's up everyone? A little chat here from Viewership.com. We have Neal Mattel here for Q&A Thursday. Basically, we go through all of your comments, find the most relevant ones, and I'm going to ask them to Neal and really pick his brain and get all the good stuff that you want to hear from him. First off, thank you for leaving comments. The more comments you guys leave on my videos, we're going to end up using them and make sure we answer them in future videos. We can be doing a Q&A each and every single week, going after the most asked questions in marketing. So the ones that get uploaded the most, those are the ones that we're going to answer. So if you see a comment and you like it, upload it if you want the answer to it. Or if you have your own question, make sure you leave a comment with your question and we may consider it for our next week's Q&A video. Leave that right there below. So this one's from Boost ORM, "Hi Neil, I want to start my own SEO agency. I have some clients also right now, but I'm not sure I will get more clients in the future. Please tell me what I can do." Alright, so here's what I would do. And I was in this position when I first started at SEO agency. People nowadays like, "Oh Neil, you're well-known, it's so easy for you." But when I'm starting out, I was a little kid, 16 years old. And when you're 16, who wants to give money to a 16-year-old? One, I don't have money. Two, I don't have a college degree. Three, I didn't have any experience. Yeah, it was really tough. And I can even...