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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Audits

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Audits

They said that you're requesting an officer I've just need a complaint form okay what for to file a written complaint okay let's I'll deal with that when I've got the complaint form okay what is the complaint about I don't feel comfortable giving it to you at this time I'm just asking you to give me the form Music I could do that hey thanks a shitty yeah just something I just noticed there's already cameras in here so you know they said it's not nice to film people without without their permission I said oh you know I didn't bother the ladies you know I understand we're just kind of coming from yeah so I thought maybe we can get to work taking the cameras down then what do you think taking the cameras now yeah these ones right here cuz she said it's not nice to film people without their permission I know those cameras are gonna stay okay I just you know what I mean just another building yeah yeah his cameras are there buddy oh yeah no it's just based on her logic I thought since it's uncomfortable I guess for people to be filmed without permission yeah you can get mono glad you came out to talk me I was getting bored okay sure cuz I'd like to know everything you know yeah yeah let me know what you think man all right three officers circled my vehicle and my home for a few minutes the next morning the trailer had a flag it was a screw in the tire did they do it oh I don't know but they were circling around it you like it looks a lot like one of yours but you guys drive up that Tahoe's a lot huh...