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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Audits

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Audits

They said that you're requesting an officer I've just need a complaint form okay what for to file a written complaint okay let's I'll deal with that when I've got the complaint form okay what is the complaint about I don't feel comfortable giving it to you at this time I'm just asking you to give me the form Music I could do that hey thanks a shitty yeah just something I just noticed there's already cameras in here so you know they said it's not nice to film people without without their permission I said oh you know I didn't bother the ladies you know I understand we're just kind of coming from yeah so I thought maybe we can get to work taking the cameras down then what do you think taking the cameras now yeah these ones right here cuz she said it's not nice to film people without their permission I know those cameras are gonna stay okay I just you know what I mean just another building yeah yeah his cameras are there buddy oh yeah no it's just based on her logic I thought since it's uncomfortable I guess for people to be filmed without permission yeah you can get mono glad you came out to talk me I was getting bored okay sure cuz I'd like to know everything you know yeah yeah let me know what you think man all right three officers circled my vehicle and my home for a few minutes the next morning the trailer had a flag it was a screw in the tire did they do it oh I don't know but they were circling around it you like it looks a lot like one of yours but you guys drive up that Tahoe's a lot huh but I've got a flat I don't know if I've got something in the tire or if the cops let air out of the tire I'm gonna go fill it up and see how it does I mean I've got Jack's I've got a spare you know typically only I only stay for about 20 minutes but at this point I think I'm gonna go camp out in the lobby and make sure that there's not any other every a fuck here cuz that was some serious intimidation attempts there a complaint form complaint form you know what there's a computer right over there that's irrelevant okay so there's no form it has to be done on the computer over there or can I go what's that okay so whatever form is on that computer can I get it on my computers that online is that what you're telling me okay what is it do you write it down for me I'll remember that for about four seconds okay okay and how do you how does the Department go about processing complaints here on officers okay all right cool thank you YouTube you get this computer here police Don Oh Marilla about God after a few minutes of trying to figure out where this complaint form is online we realize it's not there I can't find where to file a complaint against an officer on there I would think it would be one of the main headings you know well I imagine some of its I imagine people wouldn't file complaints if they can't find out where to do it I mean I looked but it's I don't see anything if he wants to bring me a form then sure yeah you can have it all up and by an officer you mean maybe he'll be tenant ok ok ok no I'll tell them what to bring me then I guess ok thanks so I typed in the search officer complaint how do I file a complaint about an environmental nuisance I mean it did how much more keywords could you possibly use how do I file a complaint about an on-site sewage facility how do I file a food establishment complaint drainage complaint if you have a complaint concerned police services including a complaint against an officer or a complaint alleging racial profiling you may let us know about your complaint in one of these ways you may contact the officers is supervisor by phone call 806 three seven eight four two three one to speak to a uniformed vision supervisor you make a complaint to the Amarillo Police Department internal affairs investigator in person by mail or on the phone Internal Affairs Office is on the fourth floor of the police department there's the address and the telephone number Amarillo Police Department is committed to fair and equitable treatment of all persons we investigate all complaints and allegations and strive maintain a professional and well-maintained staff of employees and here's the here's the threat Texas law requires that all complaints against officers be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint filing a false complaint against a police employee is a violation of the Texas Penal Code section 3702 if a person knowingly and intentionally makes a false statement under oath or swears to the truth of a false statement previously made under oath a person may be found guilty and punished by fine up to four thousand dollars can find man in jail for up to one year or by both fine and imprisonment what if cops make false reports what happens to them nothing so the answer is no there is not a complaint form online yes sir they said that you're requesting an officer I've just need a complaint form okay what for to file a written complaint okay let's I'll deal with that when I've got the complaint form okay complain about I don't feel comfortable giving it to you at this time asking you to give me the form every time you tell me something a big attack well I want a complaint form Music okay right now if you.

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