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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Disability

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Disability

Hello veterans of America our world war one world war two World War three World War four heroes whatever you want to call it I'm here to assist with filing for VA disability claims now I'm not going to go into all my credentials other than I was a former veterans benefits disability counselor and I also worked a lot with widows being the child of a Vietnam veteran the wife of a veteran the granddaughter of a World War one hero and so forth and so on I think it kind of gives me a little bit more of a view of what veterans go through and I also understand your irritation with the Department of Veteran Affairs because having dealt with the paperwork and the legalities with the Department of Veteran Affairs I'm very well aware of how much irritation that you have and why you don't get your decisions in a timely manner and I will try or attempt to explain that as we go on and I show you or tell you or assist you in trying to file a disability claim the first thing that I need to make you aware of is if you have a county veteran service officer in your area by all means contact them they are supposed to be trained in VA law if you have no resources in the county in some states they do not have that unfortunately you have to deal directly with the Department of Veteran Affairs normally they do have someone who will assist you if you need outside assistance I will urge you to contact your local VFW DAV and vets Paralyzed Veterans of America they do veterans disability claims you do not have to be a paralyzed veteran for that to occur if you have none of these things our resources available to you or you don't trust them and speaking of trust I would like to urge you to understand that there are people out there that are claiming to be your friend then they your advocate but they want to charge you money don't pay them it's against the law for them to do that most of these services I just mentioned before I said that are free if they ask you for money or twenty percent off the top or have you signed blank documents you need to question that because there are people out there committing fraud and it is rap it folks the IRS just said we have billions we're paying out on false claims same with the Department of Veteran Affairs there's billions being paid out in false claims so you need to be very aware that there are people out there who will prey on you because you are a veteran or you're disabled or you have something wrong with you they'll stand at the doors of the VA and pass out flyers don't do that go to a accredited place like VFW and vets places that you know about you've heard on the news don't use these fly-by-night outfits because they're just after your money and they're making boot cuza bucks off the top and you don't want that now if you have need of a VA attorney by all means contact one but I will discuss why and when you will need one you shouldn't need one if you do things correctly and by the book now speaking of by the book I want to talk to you about some books that are available that you can order off of amazon.com eBay or any of the book organizations out there that are legitimate and these books can assist you in filing a VA claim I do know in my area DAV does use these they are called the Survival Guide for veterans that's how to file your claim if your claim is denied there's a book on claim denied how to go about filing your notice of disagreements and appeals and then of course for veterans with PTSD or TBI there is the PTSD handbook these are all written by men by the name of John D Roche his qualifications are in the book they are excellent they may be a little outdated but it should be a okay the next thing that we need to talk about is that you need to be aware that when you file a va claim like any organization the normality is that your claim will initially be denied now those denials are usually because those claims are not complete and we need to talk about what a complete claim consists of where you need to obtain that information that you need to make that claim perfect if you have a complete claim it goes to the mailroom goes to handlers basically they take those claims and they pass them out to ever how many decision people are out there that make decisions easy claims should be denied at the county level they should let us do that but they don't they do have guidelines there are frivolous claims out there folks that's what causes your backlog there's people out there that are claiming to be your friend and are filing claims that do not make any money they won't get you anywhere and they take years to go through and it backlogs the VA in the defense of the VA you've got to understand that they have to ensure that this is you they have to make sure that there's not someone out there trying to take your 20% of your back pay believe me I've brought in a half a million dollars on back pay I know what I'm talking about I don't get paid to do this I do this because I love my country I love the soldiers I love my dad my grandparents all the way back to the American Revolution and I want you to be aware that there are benefits.

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