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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Documentation

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Documentation

Music which ego is going to have a video here for you in this one we're going to be taking a look how we can convert a piece of paper with text on it a document and convert that into an editable type of Word document so we can then make changes for that document now this is very important in companies when you're working for a company you'd have to do this quite a lot and also it may be a case that you printed out some work that you've created if use at school or college or something like that and now you've lost the main document you can't find it always become corrupted and there you need to really try to get that document back into an editable state so you can then make changes to that document I'm going to show you how you can do that so first off we're going to need to scan that document with a scanner to get it into an image state so let me just show you how to do that now all you need to do here is just scan our document with a scanner or scanner printer as you can see here and I'll just stick that into the actual scanning Bay and scan that item via paint and I'll show you how to do that in the next part so you just close this part down now once we got our document scanned all we need to do here is then open up our paint so we're going to open up the paint so you can type paint in here as you can see just as nup the paint program and there from here we're going to go up to file and you can see here from scanner or camera so what that's going to do is put this into paint from scanner or camera so I'm going to click on this and the next step is to do black and white picture or text and this is what we need to do here so we need to select this adding click on scan this will then start to scan the document and put this into paint they're dependent on our faster scanner is you can see it doing it down the bottom and there we have our document now it's upside-down but it doesn't really matter you can see they've got a load of marks in here I'm going to show you you can remove these as well if you've got editing marks on there and stuff like that we'll just take a look at how we can do that so we can do here you can rotate 180 there we go so we've got this round to 180 degrees and now what we want to do here now is come up here and save as now what you want to do is you want to save this as another format you can either save it as an image if you want to or you can save it to wherever you like I've shown you in my previous video how to get this from an image so you could do that from an image but we're going to be doing this as a tiff file I'm going to put this in here as work and from here what I need to do is select this into my backup area and we're going to put it inside here and click Save now once we've done that we are finished with this area we can click close and we can now go to our backup Drive and you can now see we have a work document here in a tiff document now we have got this as a tiff file here as you can see and all we need to do here now I could use OneNote to convert this into text if I wanted to but we're going to be using this online site now again a word of caution here if you are using online sites like this you are uploading documents to them and what you've got to remember is if this is sensitive data you may want to be very careful when you're uploading to sites like these I don't know what their security or privacy policies are or anything like that you may want to check that out before you upload a sensitive documents up to here because if it's for a company and it is sensitive information you may not want to do that you may want to do it via the software on your own computer but this is not a sensitive document so I can upload it and you can see here wants me to select the file and we're going to convert this so let me select my file here we have our file work TIFF so I'm going to click open and you can see it's now scanning it's now finish that so what we're going to do here is going to put in all the numbers that it wants me to put in there and we're going to click on convert and depending on the size of your documents will depend on how long it takes we can now download this file which I'm going to do here and here we have our file now if you want to save this you can save it to a location I'm just going to open this up now it's going to ask you to enable editing and that's fine because that's what we want to do and we're going to enable editing there we go and you can see it's removed all those squiggly marks on there which is quite nice and of course you can make some changes here that is a document to suit your needs because you can seed fully editable document so you can actually change stuff here do what you like now.

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