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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Legislation

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Legislation

Music hello friends welcome to another video view latest and in this video we will discuss about Indian government so France Indian government is created according to the Constitution of India the authority of 29 states and 7 union territories comes under the Union Government of India Government of India performs various of functions such as creating laws and order maintaining law and order and defending the law to perform various functions Government of India have three branches they are composed of executive branch legislative branch and judicial branch now first let's discuss about executive branch of government of India it is responsible for daily administration of the strayed bureaucracy it includes president vice president and the Prime Minister of India President of India President of India is the head of the state first citizen of India at sign of unity integrity and solidity of nation he is elected by member of both houses of parliament and member of legislature assembly of states and territories he appoints many official in India including governor of 29 states the Chief Justice of India and other judge of Supreme Court and High Court he also appoints Attorney General of India Chief Election Commissioner and other member of UPSC the president serves as a supreme commander of Armed Forces and avoids the country's prime and cabinet members vice-president of India is the second-highest constitutional position in India after the president it represents the nation in the absence of the president is ex officio chairman of Rajesh ABBA Prime Minister is the chief of Indian government advisor of the president head of Council of Minister leader of the majority party and allocates post all the member of cabinet now let's discuss about legislative branch the legislative branch of Indian government is called the Indian Parliament it includes the President of India Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha Lok Sabha is also known as house of people and maximum members are up to 545 out of which 530 members are elected from states 13 members are elected from union territories two members are Angelo Indian and nominated by President of India direct elections are held for member of Lok Sabha now qualification of members member must be a citizen of India and should be around 25 years of age Raja Sabha patches of ice also known as Council of states and is the upper house of the Parliament maximum members are up to 245 or which 200 territory members are from states and union territories 229 from States and forth from tell trees or 245 members twelve members are nominated by President of India are in the fields of art science literature and other social services qualification of members member must be a citizen of India and should at a minimum age of 30 years Raja Sabha is the stable house so it never dissolves number of working tenure is six years and one third elections are done after every two years by procedure of indirect elections the last is judicial branch the judicial branch of India is divided at various levels first is supreme court second one is high code and the last one is district good let's discuss about Supreme Court of India Supreme Court of India is known as a Beck's Court and is located in New Delhi Supreme Court of India includes Chief Justice of India and other thirty judges appointment of judges the cave Justice of India is appointed by the President of India after consultation with judges of Supreme Court and High Court the consultation with chief justice Oh compulsory is case of appointment of judges now qualification Oh judges that is must be a citizen of India must have been and justice a fire code in a state for minimum five years should have been an advocate of High Court for more than ten years and should be a distinguished jurist in opinion of the President now let's discuss about jurisdiction power or supreme code first is original jurisdiction or its jurisdiction involves case between central government and states central government plus n states versus one state or more one state or more versus one state or more than one escapes these cases can only be handling supreme court not other course next is appellate jurisdiction appellate jurisdiction means if not satisfied with High Court decision he can appeal in Supreme Court next is rate jurisdiction citizen can reach Supreme Court and demand the protection of fundamental rights by five grid that are habeas corpus mandamus satiric provision and Q were and - next is advisory jurisdiction Supreme Court of India can advise to central government but central government is not bound to do so what is advised next is tenure of judges there is no fixed tenor of judges but they have provisional for maximum age of 65 years now let's discuss about High Court of India there should be single High Court in every state but some have one high court's for two and more state's High Court works and regardin so Supreme Court appointment of judges Chief Justice of High Court appointed by President of India on decision with Chief Justice of India and governor of related state other judges are appointed by the President of India on discussing with the Chief Justice of dead State now unless this is aboard powers of hi Cole it includes original jurisdiction that means cases within the states next is appellate jurisdiction one if not satisfied with that this is an old district code can appeal to the High Court next is supervisory jurisdiction it means transfer of case from one court to another I could can transfer case from one court to another next one is control over subordinate code High Court can transfer judge or subordinate codes and recommend judge goes subordinate courts now let's discuss about qualification or judge in high code danya's jet in district court and Daniel Arrowhead in high coal.

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