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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Newsletter

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Newsletter

Here's a quick video about how to find your HTML opt-in form in MailChimp we've been getting a lot of questions about this because the metal chip interface can be a bit confusing so you log into your MailChimp account and you go to lists first thing is you go to lists and you select the list that you want to assign people up to so I'm just going to select one of these lists here then from the list view you go to signup forms up here click on signup forms and then embedded forms those are the ones you can add to your site so I click on embedded forms and now we have a bunch of options here and there are two things you can do either you can select the naked form which doesn't have any form styling and then you have your signup form HTML code down here what I also recommend is that you get rid of the format options so if you look over here there's the choice between HTML or text email I will get rid of that because that's just a massively outdated option I mean first of all who can't receive HTML email these days and also the way to do it is to send HTML and text email both so that it can automatically switch between the two I really don't know why they have a format option like this so I'd get rid of that and then you can get the opt-in form code right here you can also use the classic one here same thing I would also untape this format option thing but if you use the classic form you have to select disable all JavaScript this is important right we can't have any scripts in here so if you choose this it is all HTML and that should work but you have all this unnecessary styling in here so what I would recommend is that you go naked and then untick the format options and then grab this form code right here now the other thing that to be confusing is if you actually want to change the form if you have let's say you want to get rid of the name field or you want to add additional fields or something like that you can't do that in here you have to go back to signup forms and then general forms and here you get a form builder so here you can add and remove fields and change the default settings and so on then you save your default form and then you go back to the embedded forms and you do all that over again to get your updated form with whatever form fields you want alright so that's how you find your way around MailChimp.

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