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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Supplemental

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Supplemental

Hello everyone welcome to our talk today and my mom's hi attorney at new wave in love loop where we focus on iwo and the EPI bring high expectations and also all kinds of u.s. immigration and visa applications well today my topic is I 485 supplement oj4 what do you need to know so this chain for me is a relatively new thing it's only introduced in 2022 so why this form well we know there is a job portability no allowed under US immigration law so for some applicants you know from the initial immigration petition to approval of their green hat it can take several years and in order to make it more convenient for these applicants to continue their career path Congress allows the job portability so called ac21 so applicant can change job well continue on their green card application however and the same time the government wants to make sure the basis for the applicants green card application remains for example the African is still doing the same or similar type of job and his new employer is a bona fide employer well supports the same or similar type of position and the power has ability to pay applicants the beneficiaries wage so that's why we need this supplement Hotel form and then who needs to found this form well those employment-based green card applicants through the perm category and through the EP 1b outstanding researcher category they will need this J form but for those who apply through Eby a alien extraordinary ability or that I have national interest waiver categories they do not need to change for next question when do i need to sub okay if you submit I 485 and I 140 together then you do not need to check for why because in your Hammond 44 you already have all the employer information and your job information but on the other hand for applicants from China and India often there's a cutoff date and they need to wait sometimes several years after the Iowa for the application to submit their I have 45 in that case well when they submit I have wait he filed by itself they do need to submit this supplemental check for and later if they change job well they are also required to submit the J form after the job change and also sometimes the USCIS will issue the hyphy request for evidence asking specifically for the Jeff form and then of course you will need to submit it another situation is if you did not submit a form in the past but feel that you need to where you can bring the state form to the interview before your f85 is approved next question is what contents are needed for the supplemental Jake form well the J form needs to be signed by the employee it needs to include the job information so your job code your job title and the job description you know that the proof the new job is still same or similar and also requires employer information such as the revenue and the profit of the employer and also the total number of employees financial information and the documents from the employee well some employers are reluctant to release these confidential information to their employees how to solve this problem well if the employer has attorney working on the case vampire can send this information to the lawyer who represent the case and the attorney will keep the information confidential so overall as we can see the purpose of the J form is to show you submitted i-485 but the basis for your employment based rehab still remains you are still working same or similar job and the supported by a bona fide qualified employee that's the purpose over always we know the i-45 process is taking longer and there's more streaks than that so the tape form is becoming more important if you have questions you can contact us for more information ok that's it for today thank you Music.

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