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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Totaling

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Totaling

Okay so running totals for gravity forms is the first of our tutorials and all I have here is to be set up with gravity forms and it's ready to go so let's create our first form and it's the running totals form so I'll call it a website quote ball so that's what we create today a website quote exactly or detail okay let's click create forum and we've got our form started now the first thing we need to do is click a page this banks's have a multi-page form second thing we want to make sure that we let me take that single line out we're going to put in the name email and phone number of the person that's why the quote just like that excellent next we need to put some pricing filled in so we're going to bring a product here and this is going to be the number of pages so it's going to web pages just like that and when for this example going to say $100 a page okay and I'm going to duplicate that and then we're going to have web forms and there's going to be 150 dollars each okay and then I'm going to put a total in there and that will then give me the total of that age fantastic woods to placate and make another page and drag these up here because it made another page and now in the next page I'm gonna have a product and this one is going to be SEO set up and this time though what I'm gonna do is changed a little bit when I do a single product anymore or actually going to have radio buttons in this case we're going to say ghost and we'll say that's 150 to setup all-in-one SEO now we'll put 150 on that - or we are saying no thanks and over zero and we've set that to be the default by clicking in the radio there then we're going to say Google Analytics and one's gonna say yes there and no thanks down there that's great so there's some different options obviously and next up we're going to have about a chimp excretion just like that and then we have yes and no thanks once again okay that's fantastic now we're going to make another page and again what I'm going to do is drag these up into this page here just like that cool again our last page we're going to now add in some Moyer some notes something to duplicate the MailChimp just to save me typing a little bit to get through this tutorial quickly and it's probably the way I'd do it anyway so we click on the down arrow that and now we're going to say he called us we're going to say we colors is an option and we'll put that at 11:50 and another one here which would be just a payment for it's kind of like a gravity form you know where you do something like that we have with that up to 450 and then the other thing I'm going to do is adding some other types of options right quite often we have things like a FAQ set up right something like that this one's going to be one with each key yes that wonderful that's all fantastic so again happens we've got the FAQ set up and the final one of course one of the important ones blog set up so I put that down there just like that great now we've got all our items there and I'm going to add in some total field size click total drag it up there click it again add it there and that's pretty much it so I click update now what I've done is over the total to a number of different pages so now when I click preview now I haven't added anything in here but I'll just go at that and we'll put in by okay we can next one there one there see out of it straightaway at the 10 got my total there want three forms you see there click Next I say I want Yoast it adds it to the total yes yes see now turning it in or no thanks and the totals are changing which is fantastic next and that I wanted would Commerce yes and yes and you can see how the total is all adding up at the bottom this is really great for doing your quote forms so this is the simple way the add in a running total to a gravity form Music.

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