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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 8850 Form Vocational

Instructions and Help about How 8850 Form Vocational

Music hello my name is Gilbert bridge and I'm the principal here at latent signal college and this video is to give you lots of information about the whole range of vocational courses that we have here at the college vocational program gives young people the opportunity to gain real-life industry skills that they would be required to use and demonstrate if they were to go and work in whatever field is they wish to in the future it's not just about sitting in a classroom it's about being hands-on it's about getting work experience and it's about being educated by people who've actually worked in industry over half of our students do are on a vocational course large number of our students go out on industry work-related placements and they also get the opportunity to enrich themselves with trips guest speakers coming in industry weeks and vocational experience both in and outside of the classroom students pick vocation courses a variety of reasons they may already have decided there's a particular program that they wish to pursue you also may find that the method of assessment used in vocational education is something that suits you a bit better where the majority of your grades come from course work rather than exams you will still be challenged highly in terms of being able to think and debate key issues within your subject area but what you will also do is learn through practical means through actually doing things in a first-hand way my name is Dianna Volterra I was doing they take travel in tourism level one two and then level three which is a really helpful journey for my future we're looking for students with teamwork skills because you will have to work as part of a team in any vocation of course you do we're also looking for students with a really good organization there will be a quite a few assignments that you'll have to do so it's important about managing your time and meeting deadlines you have to do a lot of course work throughout the year so organization skills will be forced out of you the placements are really where they're going to obtain the skills necessary so compliment anything that they learn inside the classroom we have students going in to hospitals they go into nurseries into schools they go into gyms they're going to fitness centers hotels into restaurants a real real range so whatever you're interested in will be able to get you something that you would enjoy what Layton gave me was a professional opportunity outside our school a lot of colleges and focus on within the college and one of the things that Layton six home college that really did focus was on working outside and really understanding how the professional world works once you've finished your vocational studies here at Layton there's a wide variety of career options available to you some of our students go into work many of them go into apprenticeships but majority of our level three students do progressed on to university including Queen Mary UCL kings and Goldsmith's the occasional course Applied Science helped me get on to the University course biological sciences because I have other foundations which I needed to get into the course most of the skills that I learned and most of the units that I done in Health and Social Care they're easily transferable went to uni and I thought like I was really confident and I knew what I was doing and how to transfer Eddie skills internet in if in your educational career so far you've particularly enjoyed being involved in practical activity working with others collaborating and engaging in real-life scenarios then I believe that a vocational course would be most suited to you Music you.

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