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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Communities

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Communities

Gift it's only four letters long but it's a very complex word my name is Tim Jeeves and for the last couple of years I've been producing an arts festival called giving in to gift this is presented work in a variety of mediums though there has been an emphasis on performance there's been video work studio-based performances and pieces taking place in the hub here at the blue probe the majority of the work shown no hasn't been taken place in the arts institution it's been taking place outside in the streets parks and pubs of Liverpool a diverse program of work is being presented but nevertheless underlying all of it has been a desire to instigate a conversation with and between people around issues of gift and generosity when developing in this year's program the decision was made that alongside the commentary provided by the art we should also have a more direct conversation around some of the issues at stake that decision led to this led to the development of today's symposium when I use those four letters to make up the word gift I'm using them in the broadest sense of the word I'm using them to describe all those transactions that don't use money and that aren't straight forward tit for tat exchange it's this understanding of the word that has allowed talked as diverse as those we have today to be presented under the same heading volunteering and online library free education to just pick up a few what the projects are going to be talked about today it's this sense of the word gift that allows all the talk today to share the same space at the core of giving in to get and I think the symposium today is a realization the gift is not necessarily some rose-tinted solution to the world's problems it's perhaps too simple to say that if we all just gave a little more the world would be a better place unfortunately conversations about gift adopt this philosophy perhaps sometimes too readily and ignore the fact that give the potential to be used in some very unpleasant ways it can be controlling it can be used by people to show up how wealthy and powerful they are and it can demand that something is given back when the have separate reciprocation shouldn't be made which of course isn't to say that it's all bad gift also can of course lead to real joy beautiful surprises and slightly awkward indifference there are lots of aspects to get giving and generosity nevertheless in a recession at a time which by definition means that for the majority of us there's less money about we have to make some hard decisions and think about how we live our lives with less cash in these times perhaps more than others there's something potentially very valuable to be gained through having these discussions around gift in this context it might be helpful to think of gift-giving as operating at two distinct poles on the one hand there are those projects forced upon us by the coalition government that use ideas around gift and the responsibility towards generosity to justify unpaid work and what they call austerity this they used to call the big society that they seem to be shying away from the terminal now and then at the other pole there's work being done by people that are in some ways operating outside of capitalism that are suggesting radical new ways of living and they offer a very practical challenge to the reliance of money that our culture currently demands sometimes these two positions overlap it's not impossible for a single action to be described in both ways other times what we are looking at operates in the space between these poles the symposium today and giving in to get more generally is an attempt to map the incredibly complex territory that's spelt out by those four letters I hope you find the mapping that we undertake today interesting just to say a few words of thanks to people um penny my head who has bought together today pretty much single Hanley has done a fantastic job it's being such a joy to be able to pass out there and just trust that everything is going to happen right and pretty Odinson our chair for the day dan our technician all the speakers and the presenters who have given their time to come here today or the artists who presented work throughout the week the blue coat for providing the space and the arts council funding the project and of course all of you for taking the time to come here today I hope you have a nice day.

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