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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Disability

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Disability

Welcome everyone to the Canadian nurses associations webinar series progress and practice this webinar is entitled a new the application kit for the Canada Pension Plan disability benefits this session is being recorded for nurses or unable to participate today my name is Joseph loose and I'm and I'm program lead in public and nursing practice and policy at the Canadian Nurses Association and I will be hosting the webinar today at the end of the presentation there will be a question and answer period and we will address this visit questions as we can now I'd like to tell you a little bit about our presenter Dane Graham firmly a registered dietician working in a hospital setting dana holds the master's degrees in health administration from the University of Ottawa a veteran of the CPP disability program with 20 years experience security leads the medical policy team with within the medical expertise division Jayne was instrumental in his development of the new CPP disability application kids drawing from evidence-based research into the functional assessment of work visibility over to Eugene Thank You Joseph so first of all thank you to CNA for inviting us here today to speak to you about the new application kit the kit just launched on August 27th so it's very very new and as with all launches there's always going to be a few little growing pains which we you know we have fully anticipated but we're hoping that in speaking with you today and addressing any of your questions that we can minimize those growing pains all right so I'll start just by giving you a little bit of an overview of the presentation I hope everybody can hear me well if not maybe you can just signal in the chat that you're having trouble I have a fairly soft voice so I have to make an effort to project alright so the purpose of today's presentation is to do a walkthrough of the new application kits and to outline the new structure and format of the forms I will be spending the bulk of the presentation discussing the medical report because that's the form that you will be completing as nurse practitioners but I will also touch briefly on the client questionnaire because I want you to understand the broader context in other words what information will we receive from your patient or the applicant and then how that will be compared and corroborated with the information that you provide us and as we do this walkthrough I'm hoping to give you some you know very practical strategies and tips for completing the forms in a in a manner that will ensure a fair and timely eligibility decision for your patient all right so before we get into before we get into the the actual forms themselves I thought maybe we would start out just with a little bit of background information about why we embarked down this road in the first place so as noted in this slide come in response to various drivers including the Auditor General's report of 2022 which frankly loving some fairly harsh criticisms against the program and against the application process itself extensive work began within the department to simplify and streamline the application process so this involved you know a head-to-toe review of the current process and it which included the forms the guys the procedures everything and as part of this scoping exercise we also held consultations with a number of different groups including clients in other words people that had previously been through the application process using the old set of forms as well as representatives or advocates who support these individuals in the application process we also talked to a number of key health stakeholders so that would include of course yourselves Canadian Nurses Association we also talked to the Canadian Medical Association and the College of Family Physicians and of course we also talked to employees of the program themselves because as individuals who are moving this paper around and processing these applications they also were aware some problems that needed to be addressed so I'm flipping to the next slide so the these assessments and consultations resulted in some very useful feedback and essentially what the feedback told us and we already kind of knew this that it really reinforced what we already knew was that the process itself is highly complex and many clients and advocates felt that there was inadequate information on the eligibility criteria for the program which of course refers to the definitions for severe and prolonged which by the way are outlined in the new forms and I'll draw your attention to that as we move through employees of the program also found that the process complexities contributed to skipped or overlooked questions so the questions were simply left blank because people didn't know how to answer them and also poor quality responses and just general delays in submitting supporting medical documentation that was leading to extended processing times and delays and payment delivery so the overall kind of common voice that we heard was that there was an expectation that we really really needed to simplify the overall process and also just to increase awareness of the program itself because many people who fall ill are not immediately made aware of the program and so as time as time moves on they run out of contributions earnings and contributions to qualify for the program which means that we then have to look at them as a late Africa which becomes much more complicated because we have to go and get historical medical information so ideally we want people to apply as soon as possible because it makes the adjudication easier flipping to the next slide so again as part of the scoping exercise for this project we we identified some guiding principles these were sort of you know overarching statements of a vision.

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