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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Discharged

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Discharged

All right, my friends, this is a video from Understand Contract Law and You Win. We are the leaders in secured party creditor filings and the associated processes. After you become a secured party creditor, many websites offer secured party creditor filings but claim that they do not discharge debt. They may also say that these processes are risky or dangerous. Alternatively, they may refer you to XYZ forum and recommend that you talk to other people who may not know what they're doing. These websites hope that you will either figure it out on your own or give up because you will not be able to discharge anything. Unlike those other websites, UCL (Understand Contract Law) and You Win do offer debt discharge services after we work with your secured party creditor process filing. It's a one-two punch. Firstly, you become a secured party creditor and gain immunity, indemnification, protection, asset protection, and learn how to operate a trust effectively. You will also learn how to set up numerous trusts and operate a bank account. You will learn how to get bank accounts, EIN numbers, and benefit from multiple protections from liability, reservation of rights, and status and standing in legal proceedings. These are things you otherwise would not have. Additionally, you will also benefit from estate planning, reduction in probate fees, and save your kids and grandkids tons of money when you pass away because they will not have to pay attorneys to gain access to their inheritance. There are numerous advantages to the SPC trust process. Please learn more on our website. However, the second advantage is that we at UCL actually offer the knockout punch. If you have a court case, defaulted credit card, student loan debt, hospital bill, or any other issue, you can inquire...