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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Discharged

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Discharged

All right my friends this is a video coming from understand contract law and you win calm we are the leader in secured party creditor filings and most importantly the associated processes after you are a secured party creditor many websites offer secured party creditor filings saying as well that they do not discharge debt that those processes are risky and or dangerous or they refer you to XYZ forum and recommend that you talk to other people don't know what they're doing but are trying to figure it out just like you in hopes that hopefully you will figure it out on your own or give up from not being able to discharge anything unlike those other websites UCL or understand contract law short for understand contract law and you win do offer debt discharge services after we work with your secured party creditor process filing so it's a one-two punch you on the first hand become a secured party creditor gain some immunity some indemnification some protection some asset protection learn how to operate a trust effectively and how to set up numerous trusts because you will learn firsthand you will be able to operate a bank account learn how to get bank accounts yayan numbers and you will be able to have multiple affections from liability and reservation of Rights and status and standing in legal procedures court proceedings and elsewhere that you otherwise did not have plus much much much more estate planning reduction in probate fees saving your kids and grandkids tons of money later on when you pass away that they will not have to pay attorneys in order to gain access to what you wish to leave behind to them there's lots of advantages to the SPC trust process please learn more on our website however the second advantage aside from all of those I think I just listed five or six advantages and real world benefits that you will have from the SPC process the other advantage is that we at UCL actually offer the second punch the knockout punch I will call it whereas if you have a court case hearing defaulted credit card or student loan debt or hospital bill or is a number of different issues you can ask and inquire within and we will let you know whether it works or not there are some things that do not work so be sure to ask us but we do offer for the services that we do see do work and do are effective not only do we actually live it and do it and have done it for ourselves but I have personally been doing this for seven years debt discharged debt elimination monitored and watched various kinds and learned from others who have been doing it for much longer understand contract law is six years old when you pay or learn from others who have not been running a company full time for six years you do so at your own risk many people meet various one-man-show people here and there in real life or on the internet or on YouTube and report disastrous or ineffective results and they also do not get their money back okay so without further ado this is yet more proof I will go through four examples of debt discharge we do many other things at our company so you know we don't have hundreds of these throughout the year we don't have dozens and dozens and dozens of these throughout the year but we have a small few handfuls so out of those I have four people that said that I can share this information or that I can cover up their information and not reveal people's personal information so I will just go through some recent 2022 successes by the way we have probably something like 25 30 other successful examples if you go to our website understand contract law and you wind calm and it's better if you navigate our website on a computer through your internet browser as a post through through your phone or iPad the website does not navigate as well and as quickly so when you get the time to browse the website if you navigate to the website and you click on the debt discharge areas you will find some examples of some successes post it onto the website if you join our email list you will also be offered a power intro pack download which also has many other examples in there as well so we already have a couple of dozen examples or so I don't know the number without my head right now but this is for extra very recent in the last year as people always asking for recent stuff so I'm going to go through and show you right now once again to protect the individuals identities some of the information is covered up related to the people's last names and things like that so I will have to narrate and show you people's accounts and that these are the same people that we're talking about okay so example number one and I have another example of this on youtube if you type in student loan elimination it's the first video that comes up by understanding contract law so we have already shown some of this before but this is an example of the follow through and complete elimination of the six-figure student loan accounts affecting a friend of Mines credit report so not only has the debt been eliminated and discharged and his gun but it does not affect this person's credit report is basically close to as perfect as it can get for them so I will show you that all right now as you can see this is so will this is client number one we'll call this John and you've got open accounts in good standing three of three there's no negative factors here.

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