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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Submitting

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Submitting

Hey guys hey going and my name is dumb and today I want to take you through the submits event inside JavaScript so essentially the submit event is going too far off whenever you submit an HTML form okay so I find that it's only useful when you prevent the default behavior of a form okay so in this video we're going to use the submit event in combination with an HTML form in order to make an AJAX request okay so let's hop inside the HTML for this document okay and inside here we can begin by actually creating a form to work with right so down here I'm going to make a new form and replace the action attribute with an ID and give it a value of my form I'll also give it a class of the form just to add some custom styles okay now I'm not going to put the action or method attribute so the reason for that is because we're going to use Ajax to submit this form there for the action and method attribute is not required alright so inside the form we can now we can create a few fields okay let's make one for a username okay so make a new label for a username with some text as being username okay and a respective input fields of type text with a name of a username and an ID of username alright we can copy and paste this for the password field so we're going to say password and all of these ones can be a password okay so now we have these two fields I can add a submit button okay so button of type submits and the value of let's just say login okay so if I saved...