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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Targeted

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Targeted

For groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant America has always been considered the ultimate enemy but following Vladimir Putin's bombing campaign in Syria Russia may have taken its place as target number one for ISIL thousands of ISIL fighters from Syria Iraq and elsewhere are regrouping in the virtually impregnable mountains of Afghanistan plotting revenge against the Kremlin is long this manual million for our dough isil's High Command have given orders to target Russian cities Charles an apartment get they are cool ideological Turkish Angora for everybody of course money inshallah the Russian government know they're coming and say they are ready they're welcome were will need them appropriately but a lone terrorist on the metro in st. Petersburg demonstrates the vulnerability of any modern city with 15 dead and many more injured Music Russian involvement with Afghanistan goes back a long way but real scarring occurred in December 1979 when a hundred thousand troops rolled across the border to target they claimed extremists threatening the Soviet Union and it's satellites States it's been described as Russia's Vietnam after almost a decade of war they were driven out by a coalition of Afghan tribesmen led by the charismatic Ahmed Shah Massoud who became known as the Lion of Panjshir Russia's withdrawal left a power vacuum in a country awash with weapons if armed fighter groups were an issue before they now had fertile ground allowing the Taliban al-qaeda and ISIL to take root here today Masoud nephews oh babe is an advisor to the Afghan National Security Council in the 1990s his uncle's forces became embroiled in a war with the Taliban which allowed al-qaeda to establish bases in the country just as ISIL is doing now and it was al-qaeda operatives who would murder him two days before 9/11 he was killed by three suicide bombers a press conference zobeir Massoud sees the recent influx of ISIL fighters as a major threat not just to Afghanistan but in neighboring countries to the north the terrorists in Syria these are same individuals that are here now in Afghanistan these are terrorists that come from different countries from Tajikistan from Uzbekistan Chechnya it's the strategic place you could go across the border and finally the main goal is Russia our fixer in Kabul has persuaded ISIL to let us film with them high in the mountains of bag land province around 300 kilometers north of the capital they've even agreed to let us film with their women fighters and that's never been allowed before Music majaniek cinemas begin a restaurant Music yeah Music now even if we talk mercutio submit Music by Road the journey takes six hours passing from the relative safety of the city through the russian-built Salang pass carving its way through the mountains into progressively more dangerous territory great swaths of the country have long been controlled by the Taliban in this part of Afghanistan they tolerate ISIL as once they tolerated al-qaeda but only so long as ISIL doesn't threaten the Taliban Authority before sunrise the crew set out on a four hour hike climbing steadily there to meet soon after dawn this is Borka district a desolate land of few villages and high peaks kosha has worn they'll be watched every step of the way Music if they give any cause for concern ISIL or - as it's also known will eliminate them long before they see any encampment at last a fighter shows himself on a ridge ahead with his gun at the ready he watches their approach Music this location has been carefully chosen a fortress carved by nature as our party gets close it's clear the fighter has company above them the black flag of what they call the Caliphate of Khorasan an ancient region of Central Asia they claims their territory kosha is well-known to the local ISIL commanders they use conduits like him to connect to the wider world they're still not taking any chances local journalist as Easter solve follows kosher beebee our second video journalist discreetly leaves her camera running as she searched she's taken on this assignment convinced that ISIL women have a story as yet untold the search is not to look for weapons but tracking devices that might pinpoint this location they live in fear of drones once through security the crew are led to a tent hidden under a tree whose back commander hamza agrees to be interviewed on camera it's clear the camp is on high alert Music the Chen WA Rahmatullah monitor fuck my husband hi atmospherically how are you dr. Fishman they ultimately decided or only boy who also had opponent that mama hell is all that manicure commander Hamza insists we film the religious training here Kalamata Movistar Tali motive a musician for Nicodemus had a motive the genie has kept majority mobile cover version however for an invasion normally the hot potion even in prayer their weapons never leave their side enough more people Islamist over the smaller the who she normally Schmidty way together suppose I ask you more you omit or alteration yang Guo Jing Yi GE k basically team work or short Natasha shneider their aleikum o mo universal they are they it go here for hate gay people food Amica these men are training to form sleeper cells far to the north beyond Afghanistan significant information comes up bristles at the mention of Russia Dishman Islam lachemann among women have her on he holds the Russians responsible for the death of many of his brothers in Iraq and especially Syria where Putin's Jets have impacted the whole course of the war Thomas erotism in Hama Surya toha WA fill in the jungle Accela disease thank you what Mujahideen you got noticed over and over what your honor is wrong he sees only one future for the countries of the former USSR the ticket is booked Asia.

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