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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Unemployment

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Unemployment

Hi I'm Kurt Curtin and today we're going to be talking about three important things to do to get your unemployment benefits started if you've lost your job I'm sorry I can definitely relate I've been through six layoffs in my career but the good news is this video is for you if you've ever had to file for unemployment benefits before you know it's not an easy process so either way some direction wouldn't hurt so here we go qualifying if you were let go for a qualifying reason lack of work downsizing etc and you didn't quit go ahead and file right away to get your benefits started as soon as possible there's processing time involved and also if you wait too long you may lose several weeks of pay if you got a severance package you still have the right to file for unemployment benefits unless you sign an agreement upon your hire that you would not but this video is going to assume that you didn't second filing don't be too proud employers pay into this fund and you deserve it this is money that's available to you to help get you back on your feet and to the next right position the requirements and details will vary a bit by state but generally here's how it should go if your state is like Tennessee it's all done online which is faster than trying for weeks to get through on the phone and waiting on hold forever so search the web for the right website ask a friend or if need be call your local department of labor for the web address if you have a special situation like I did at one point in my career it may require additional contact or explanation so again call your local department of labor third certifications earning and tracking you'll need to follow instructions given in paper worker you'll receive in the mail it will detail how to file regular certifications weekly most likely the amount you can earn without reducing or terminating your unemployment pay and the number of jobs you require to apply for per week make sure to keep track of the jobs you apply for also read understand and follow this information since you're legally bound to comply since you're receiving the benefit benefit should start three to ten weeks from when your severance pay or final pay runs out depending on the circumstances of your break with your company and how backlogged your state's processing is I recommend keeping a document of notes on everything dates of your initial filing all follow-ups names people you talk to the date of receipt of your first check etc the pay will most likely be by direct deposit so just be aware of that most of this information is from chapter one of my book here today hire tomorrow which includes a thorough action plan downloadable scripts and templates and teaches you how to network your way into almost any company overall it's helped getting the job you want faster it's available in paperback and as an e-book blast I'd encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter once a month you'll get an email about the latest blog post with helpful information on not only job searching but other positive life tips like successful public speaking getting organized and money and budgeting best wishes on getting your unemployment benefits started and finding that next right job for you.

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