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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What 8850 Form Veteran

Instructions and Help about What 8850 Form Veteran

Hello out there this is the Irate veteran at VA madness coming at you with another video your veterans out there who have any questions on this video or any of my videos or need some veteran veteran advice just send the question to my VN madness gmail address and I'll be happy to assist you VA lovers out there um I just want you to know I want to apologize right now because I've been so mad at the VA lately way more than usual and I think a lot of that frustration is going to like bleed over into this video so forgive me how to file and win your claim that's what this is about a through Z from start to finish that's what we're going over you'll be able to start and finish you you can do everything yourself so if you want to uh you know just do the claim process all on your own now you hopefully will have a method that's easy and effective we're going to go over the reality of the system claim process claim filing establishing an effective date gathering evidence disability benefits questionnaires dbq's that's what I'll call them from the rest of this video uh nexus opinions types of disabilities identifying claims and preparing preparing you claim to win yes it sounds like a lot but you need to go over a lot you also are going to need luck and skill I'm presenting to skill I hope you have luck right go watch this look or skill that guy I think he's both lucky and he has some skill right so those are kind of out of your control out there I'm giving you the skill knowledge right hopefully you had to luck but it's effort that...