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Today we're going to learn how to create a complete login system from scratch using PHP code I want to say a complete login system I really do mean an entire login system from scratch in a way that even beginners who just started doing PSP can follow this lesson now for your more experienced people who want to maybe touch up on some things or just learn specific parts of a login system I'm going to include chapters inside the description of this video so you can skip ahead to the part where you want to learn for example PSP or the database setup so what we're going to do today is everything from creating the actual form that we're going to use to actually sign up or login inside a website using HTML and CSS we're going to set up the database together and we're going to go and write the PHP code together now when it comes to a login system just in case you are completely new to it and maybe you haven't really done anything big in PHP before a login system is actually really simple to create as long as you know the concept that goes behind creating it so before we get started and actually coding anything I'd like to serve as what exactly we're going to be building in this episode and explain what exactly is going on inside this demo here so as you guys can see in front of me here I have a very basic demo of the login system I'm going to create and yes I know this is not a really pretty website but this does in fact have a login system that works who can actually sign up we can actually log in and once you do actually log in it's going to display some content inside the website that will only show if you actually logged in as a user so the basic concept that goes behind a login system is that we want to write the front-end part using HTML and CSS such as having a log in from the top here or inside the signup page a signup form once you guys you click sign up we're going to run a piece of PHP code that inserts the data that we wrote in inside first name last name email user name and password is going to insert that inside a database and we need to have a database connected to a website in order for the website to actually remember the information under users that actually signed up so if you're completely new to databases don't get scared because I do have a tutorial on how to exit setup a database locally on your computer very easily and very fast so I will leave a link so you can actually see it and learn how to set up a local database and it's very easy to do okay so what we need to know for this tutorial here is we need to know how to do HTML CSS a little bit of PHP and we need to know how to handle databases and again I will actually show even beginners how to set up the for example of the database inside our website so if you're a bit unfamiliar with databases don't get scared because we will do everything together and everything will get explained very thoroughly okay so what we need to do to start with is we need to actually have a database now if you have never setup a database before I do expect that you by now have watched the tutorial inside the description of the video that explains how to setup a database once you have a database setup we will go into phpMyAdmin which again is also explaining that video and inside PHP myadmin we're going to setup a new database we do have a database for this website here so inside databases inside the databases tab at the top I'm going to go and create a database called login system again you guys can name whatever you want but if you want to follow this specifically you can go out a name it the same way as I do I'm going to click create and now we have a database for our website now after creating the database called login system we need to make sure I've selected so on the left side here I'm going to go down to where it says login system I'm just going to click it to make sure we did actually selected and then I'm going to go to the top here and click on sq out now inside the SQL tab we get this editor we can actually write something in I'm just going to zoom in for you guys and inside this editor we're going to create some code using SQL code that will actually create a database table called users now inside this user table it's going to be where we insert the data for all the users meaning that if the user type in the username or the first name of the last name of the email of the password we need to save this data somewhere inside the website and we do that by inserting it inside our database inside a table so going to create this table of stores information on the user now the way you create the table is by saying create table and then we need to give this table some kind of name I'm just going to call this one users space parentheses semi-colon so all the information we need to save on the user such as first name last name username and password needs to be inserted into a separate column and these columns we need to create inside the parentheses here so the first column of information we need to have under user is going to be

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