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Te only this side. Your name Social security number Street address where you live City or town state and ZIP code County Telephone number If you are under age 40 enter your date of birth month day year Check here if you received a conditional certification from the state workforce agency SWA or a participating local agency for the work opportunity credit. I am a member of a family that has received assistance from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF for any 9 months during the past ...

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Test for instructions you will hear a number of different recordings and you will have to answer questions on what you hear there will be time for you to read the instructions and questions and you will have a chance to check your work all the recordings will be played once only the test is in four sections write all of your answers in the listening question booklet at the end of the real test you will be given ten minutes to transfer your answers to an answer sheet now turn to section 1 of your booklet section one you are going to hear a conversation between Angela and mr. ray angela is applying to join the library listen to the conversation and complete the form below first you have some time to look at questions 1 to 5 you you will see there is an example which has been done for you on this occasion only the conversation relating to this will be played first hello how can I join the library well you need to make an application would you like to do it now yes if I can one moment and I'll get the form now I just need to ask you a few questions before you sign at the bottom okay your full name please Angela Mary price price yes that's right Angela's surname is price so in the example price has been written down after surname now we shall begin you should answer the questions as you listen because you will never hear the recording a second time hello how can I join the library well you need to make an application would you like to do it now yes if I can one moment and I'll get the form now I just need to ask you a few questions before you sign at the bottom okay your full name please Angela Mary price price yes that's right okay and your address apartment 386 Bridge Street Pimlico Bridge Street that's just near here isn't it yes not very far good so the post code must be 206 five right yes that's right now your telephone number I need both home and work if you have them my home number is eight seven six three five one four two and work is eight four five six one three zero seven two need anything else like idea or something yes your driver's license will do if you have one right it's easy to remember I know it by heart four zero four zero AC I'm afraid I'll also need to see it okay here it is Thanks and your date of birth please 24 March 1981 okay thanks that's the most important part completed but if you don't mind I'd also like to ask you a few questions for a survey we're conducting yes that's okay now you have some time to read question six to ten you as the conversation continues answer questions six to ten what kind of books do you like to read here's a list to look at oh it varies from time to time but I always like to relax and learn about other countries I might visit one day I don't like anything too heavy or serious unless it's about animals or the environment I'm not really into sport very much anything else well I do like entertaining at home you know dinner parties so I suppose you'll have something for me in that line the pictures in those books always make me hungry although they never seem to turn out exactly as they look in the books fine I think that's all I need now except I need you to sign here on the application form oh and I almost forgot the membership fee is $20 which is refundable if you no longer stay a member there you are do I sign at the bottom here yes that's right you can borrow books now if you wish although your membership card won't be ready until next week so if you want to borrow today you can pick up your card when you return your first books that's if you want to take some now I think I will what I'll have a look around first okay take your time this is the end of section 1 you now have half a minute to check your answers you now turn to section two section two you are going to hear a lecture about Dining Services first you have some time to look at questions 11 to 14 you now listen to the tape and answer questions eleven to fourteen welcome to the dining commons this is the newest facility on campus and I'm proud to say also one of the best I know that all university students miss eating home-cooked food well this year we are hoping to provide students with food and services that will make you feel at home even without your family the administration has been listening to the voice of the students students gave us frequent suggestions last year as to how we could improve the university one of the most frequent suggestions was improving the dining options we have been working hard all summer to come up with ideas that will make student life in the dormitories more pleasant one of the new options we are offering in the dining facilities his variety in student meals last year there was a set menu for every dinner so if students didn't like the food there was no choice students had to eat whatever was served but this new dining facility has three completely unique areas each with a different theme at every meal there will be three options for students to choose from for example there might be Italian food at station number one which might consist of pizza and pasta at station number two there would be American food consisting of hamburgers and hot dogs

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