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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Disability

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Disability

Hi this is Jonathan Ginsberg I'd like to show you how to complete a request for reconsideration along with the associated forms and you will see that these forms are fairly typical what we see in social security in the disability world you don't really know what they want and the instructions are pretty much worthless unfortunately if you do complete the forms yourself I think you should focus on activity limitations that would limit or impact your capacity to perform simple entry level work a diagnosis like a herniated disk or a blood clot in your leg or severe depression that is not a disability but the impact of those conditions for example if you can't sit for more than five or ten minutes or you have to keep your legs extended at waist level or higher or if you experience crying spells for 30 to 60 minutes three days a week those are issues that would impact you from working so let's go through the different forms you'll need to go to complete there are three forms to do a reconsideration the first one is the 561 the second one is the disability report appeal and this is a form SSA 34 41 and the third one is the 829 which is a medical author as a 27 rather the medical authorization form so let's kind of go through these and I want to show you how to complete them so the first one the main one here is a request for reconsideration and I just kind of completed this very very briefly the person I just gave them a name John example so screen number one two three four five six seven eight nine I realized that the claim number is generally going to be the same as the social security number however if this is a disabled widows benefit claim or if you're claiming under somebody else's social security number then you need to use a different number for the claim number so the issue being appealed is disability and then I don't know this statement here I don't agree with social critics determination or request for reconsideration I started to type this in and this is a form you can fill in online or you can print it out and write it in but if you fill it in online what you'll see is that the form the lines don't line up with the online form so I'm an able to unable to work there's a severe back pain and limitation let's just type in movement and well you can't see you can't read this any further so this isn't going to do a lot of good now what you can do is you can attach a supplemental page and here's an example of how you would do that is you have another page here and you see where I put a request for reconsideration the claimants name the claim number supplement to form 561 and I basically just retype to John I do not agree with assess a determination request for reconsideration and I went through a sentence and I'm unable to work due to severe back pain and limitation of movement I've been prescribed very potent pain killing drugs which cause drowsiness and poor concentration because of constant pain I'm depressed and despondent I sleep poorly and cannot focus so you see that's a lot more detailed than what you'd be able to put in one line so that's just something to keep in mind you can add extra papers this is going to be typically a case review you're gonna have your address if you represented us right but my information here and then you submit that you send it in and you'll see here that they've got the same form because it's going to be a copy of this you can just photocopy this first page here but again it's a little confusing because why would you have to of the exact same thing again that's social security for you now when I do these forms online by the way I have a different input screen because I'm doing this I'm logging into their system and it's a different look but if you're doing this on your own you have to use the PDF form either to print it out and write it in which obviously means handwriting has got to be good or you can do it online here but you can see it's not real easy to figure out what they want the second report is the three 3441 this is the appeal form and this is where you put information about new medical treatment and so forth and again you're going to put your name social security number the address to also ask for your email here make sure that's done correctly they asked for contacts so this is where you could put your spouse you could put a parent or friends somebody like that you can also if you need more than one you can add an extra page like I showed you before where you have additional contacts here's where you put medical conditions if there was a new medical condition that has happened since you filed you'd put that in there if you left something out you'd put that in there as well any new medical conditions that this was says has there been a change and is there something new so a change would be typically yes it's gotten worse because my back hurt still hurts really badly and again you'd fill in in detail what's what's going on what has changed that your condition is worse if you have something new and one of the things by the way I always suggest is that if you've got severe physical pain there's a pretty good chance you're going to experience depression because it's very difficult to not experience depression when you're in constant.

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