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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Discharged

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Discharged

All right just a brief update again for all that's happening made a new video today on creed coconut vegetables carrot and potato and potatoes and eggplant anyways um yeah and update we had about I think it was last year 2022 we had a woman I was reading the UCC letter I sent to the United Nations I thought it was a good thing to make a video on um anyways yeah there was an IRS lady forget her name now and we had sent it I think we did the oids that would and she decided to respond I don't know who she was we never had a contract of him nor anyway she decided to respond while she was brave first she phoned me here and I was on the phone and I made certain not the contract with her and I just told her who we were and what we have in place basically over the telephone anyways she said her boyfriend or her child's father was into this stuff and it was all good and no sooner she sends me this frivolous no it was some kind of a debt notice I think it was 10,000 notes I think that 15,000 notes joins if I can find a response anyways I in turn respond a terabyte by fax and proceeded to send her in no uncertain terms a bill well I think I started first with a letter and I think she was going to discharge it she said using the Federal Trade Commission Clearing House number because I told her we were subjected to identity theft by Her Majesty the Queen in right of Ontario care of the Minister of consumer services anyway she said yeah she understood and she was going to use the Clearinghouse number four four nine five nine three four four two sent live discharged the matter at large and Norma hold we get she was going to send us a notice in the mail saying that it was no longer yeah she was going to respond in the meantime I think what happened was she sent me another letter reporting the dead or something to that effect or in that while I was waiting for the third letter I got the second thing she put in the middle and she told me I think when I spoke to her a third or fourth time over the phone so I was holding on to that for a while and I was thinking you know I normally send these things back within three days which I highly recommend you guys to do so I sent it back to her what I wrote on it was something to the effect I might have put the UCC one 3-0 eight I might have put like all rights reserved I might have put return to sender knowing me I probably would have put a bill on there somewhere I might've wrote a bill in the package and sent it back to her saying the three questions of the four questions validation of debt who is the original creditor who's the creator on the account verification of the account and of course one's copyright feat now I listen to Tosh and these guys talk about these things and you know I say to people listen I you know people ask me questions about how I did this and that I did my own journey I didn't follow anybody didn't know anybody actually and so when I started this journey I did what was said to me good bad and indifferent and I may have freaked up you know along the way or whatever but it worked out it worked out for the time that I was dealing with there's some things yes we did go to get thrown under the bus some things I didn't know and yes I still had to claim my birthright but on the same token I didn't even know worth right existed cuz I didn't even know anyone that could have been stolen and I was thinking you know conscious thing recently in the video I listened to that you know it has nothing to do with our feelings so that's feeling really bad I was like oh man I'm in a place where it's my sisters and brothers and I got to send them bills and fees and it's like 500,000 notes and you know I was feeling really bad for them and then you just said it and it just made me feel so much better he said listen has nothing to do with your feelings and there's nothing to do with your emotions it has to do with the ethers Uranus and Saturn is in effect and they don't give a they're just like you know if you're messing up and you're doing corruption you're done and it just like whoa it solidified so much for me bottom line never heard anything back from her got a frivolous filing one recently for something else I may have served in the meantime but I was kind of grateful for it because it I couldn't remember the social security number that they had given me when I called it I couldn't remember a lot of information so I was kind of grateful for that anyway sent that back to one one one Constitution Avenue William J Wilkins office and actually sent it online because we were going through some stuff here with the mail post office hindering the mail 18 USC 14 1830 18 USC 1341 and telecommunications fraud 18 USC 1343 I suggest you guys look that up and I noticed recently they changed a lot of stuff in the writing of it never heard back from her again I think her name was something Brown I'm trying to see if I can find the United Nations letter to show you guys what I wrote but it.

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