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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Earliest

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Earliest

Hi guys it's me Jimmy agate basically the next-gen if you is coming if you really don't know what that if you is you're still living in the stone and if you is sit fuel plus G fuel you can if you do god that is very simple I'm not teaching stupid algebra I'm just teaching you CP + GP if you there is a small CPU days a big fire as GPU just I mean plus them and they just throw in a some kind of super part and it and then say abracadabra if you came out you were thinking that simple right isn't it basically AMD is really feeling I basically just watched my review of the AMD has it in 370 processor which release uh to be honest with you AMD really failing compared to Intel AMD is already left behind until 2022 and dad's n basically less than eight and sixteen core processor will be coming for AMD basically then a.m. they will start directly with Intel currently am is failing that there is no debate on it but where am this failing in that regard succeeding in the apu basically if you is a Dell basically you have a CPU which have a GPU graphics chips on it too so you really do not need any any any basically graphic card base table the APU is designed basically that if you do not have run it used up basically the RAM which you have to deal your children basically this upcoming if you ate and ate at fifty K is using ddr3 RAM basically am this already working to use that ddr4 which will really boost the perform a sickly inter graphic card will use a G DDR Ram basically that is five out of five I mean gigabits per second and then I mean basically our disarmed I mean only around sixteen hundred megabits per second we are using a ddr3 I mean basically you could agree you can basically disagree with me if you is still on main basically slower Jimmy yes I know in only the ramp regard basically damn if you will use a ddr3 at 1600 megahertz and then the done normal graphic card which will cause your on 200 bucks you will use the gddr3 now basically I mean basically ten times more powerful no ten sometimes more powerful if you do the math basically so so so that is no the question of that ap is already performing very well basically you can really do medium setting gaming on 1080p like better fill three or four window problem not APU Xbox one and ps4 already using the ape you basically I mean it's really good especially I mean for an average gamer or for an average guy I mean it's a building new custom PC something you want to play some kind of stupid game IndieGoGo games basically or sometime gonna play some kind of Skyrim basically this is my laptop basically I run Skyrim on the Intel I basically I salmon and MQ processor it doesn't have basically any if you it have only integrate the graph ii is a different picture if you and integrate a graphic are integral to graphically in a small chip basically a CPU if you mean it is P equals fifty percent if you 50 percent says a graphic card basically I run Skyrim on 720p on an integrated intel 4600 graph with no problem we know basically lag with no frame drop around 27 frames per second no problem so basically the guy who wanna play the Skyrim at 1080 we are the highest settle decade easily game on the if we have no problem basically the if you design not further gamers nor food are tight budget footer guys between I mean most of it like like like the foot adults I mean they won a game sometimes they want to play the Starcraft sometimes like that guys who do nine-to-five job and they go home they just want a one or two hour game they really draw wanna spend on a big as to Africa and then the second thing it they really don't know big-ass PC they just wanna be see I miss them like they're basically the if you basically I mean that you can just buy a mini ITX basically order my priety accent mother probably no problem you just gotta if you I mean just you can build your custom gaming PC in us slim basically as a ps4 size basically and then you purchase I mean throw on your Jack so rather than buying a full taller gaming PC or a medium power gaming PC and just trying to find in the space so you will think it Jamie enough it you're right let's get to the 8th you basically the dis am the F is 8 and 8 at 5 K basically it will have 4 4 code and the for logical code basically nothing special but it before I mean native of it for that so it will have a 4.1 per book block speed and at 3.7 Giga hard will be the base clock speed the best thing is it is unclog all of you all of the you can overclock to 5 that having no problem do not sue me sometimes it depends basically only they are basically buying a unlock processor basically it's basically unlucky chance some processor can go up to even 6 yeah got some cannot even cross the 4.5 legged boundaries I don't know why basically it's true sometimes to pitch I'm going on the processor basically I hope wish you luck I mean you betta processor which cancer stays there but up to 5 big R plus it will have r7 GPU I have told it will have a power 7 g p8 you basically CP + GP to our r7.

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