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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Earliest

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Earliest

Hi guys, it's me, Jimmy Agate. Basically, the next-gen CPU is coming. If you really don't know what I'm talking about, you're still living in the stone age. If you use Fuel Plus G Fuel, you can easily understand it. It's very simple, I'm not teaching stupid algebra, I'm just teaching you about CP + GP. If you have a small CPU and a big GPU, just add them together and voila! If you think about it, it's really simple, right? Basically, AMD is really falling behind compared to Intel. If you want more information, you can watch my review of the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor, which was released recently. To be honest with you, AMD is really failing compared to Intel. AMD is already left behind until 2016, and that's basically less than 8 and 16 core processors. They will be coming for AMD. Basically, then AMD will start directly competing with Intel. Currently, AMD is failing, there is no debate about it. But where AMD is failing in that regard, they are succeeding in the APU. Basically, if you have a Dell, you have a CPU which has a GPU graphics chip on it too. So, you really do not need any basic graphics card. The APU is designed in such a way that if you do not have or need a graphics card, the RAM which you have will be used to deal with your graphics. With the upcoming AMD Ryzen 8 5800X, it is using DDR4 RAM. AMD is already working to use DDR4, which will really boost the ance. Intel graphic cards will use GDDR RAM, which means 5 gigabits per second. On the other hand, AMD is still using DDR3 RAM, which means only 1600 megabits per second. If you still use DDR3,...