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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Employers

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Employers

Political parties fielding six and more candidates in this election are eligible for party political broadcast airtime is in proportion to the number of candidates fielded this is the first of two programs the speakers representing their parties are mr. Leeson long from the people's action party associate professor Daniel go from the Workers Party Mr Lim TN from the national solidarity party dr. G soon drawn from the Singapore Democratic Party mr. Kenneth J erratum from the reform party Mr Tan G say from Singaporeans first mrs. lena charm from the Singapore People's Party and Mr Hammond de pulsing from the Singapore Democratic Alliance the party fielding the smallest number of candidates will appear first the party fielding the largest number last speaking for the Singapore Democratic Alliance is Mr Hammond a pulsing Singapore for Singaporeans a heart for the people thank you to your residence of phosphorus fungal Jersey for supporting the SDA in the last two elections and giving us more than 55,000 of the woods in 2022 we have always been actively walking the ground for more than 10 years now and formulating action plans and policies to serve all of you better in this election we aspire to be your elected members of parliament and serve you to even greater heights Singapore has come a long way since we achieve independence and we just celebrated our golden jubilee a very happy sg50 to all of you but all is not well in our country there are many social issues that we face today and they are causing great pain and stress to all Singaporeans ladies and gentlemen the time has come for us to attend to our people's needs and to think about the future Singapore that our children will live in from this perspective SDA has identified seven issues that will champion to achieve a better quality of life for you they are number one the population white paper which is trying to achieve 6.9 million population by 2030 now we are not against the high-end foreign talents and investors that help to improve our economy nor the low and foreign workers but we are against those who are taking over the jobs of Singaporeans number two the CPF and retirement age is another big issues and we want the CPF funds to be returned to us at age 55 number three rising prices of htb homes need to be brought under greater control number for the cost of health care is becoming more unaffordable and we need to bring it down even further number five our public transport system is overcrowded and totally unreliable we need to do something about it number six employment opportunities for local Singaporeans need to be looked into and seven we need a better and improved restructured education system in Singapore it is time for change as da will fight for you to make our lives much better in Singapore but we need your help to do so this is about the rights as ordinary citizens of Singapore we ordinary people like you support us what us to be your voice in Parliament what SDA in for a better life happiness prosperity and progress for the nation what SDA for a Singapore for Singaporeans thank you representing the Singapore People's Party is mrs. Lina Chiam good evening my fellow Singaporeans on the eleventh of September you have the chance to decide for yourselves if you want a better future for yourself and your family Singaporeans face more difficulties today than they ever have life has not been easy for us our public transport system breaks down far too frequently despite the investments put into it we have become more insecure because we might lose our jobs to foreigners despite or a hard work in school and after graduation we are worried about when we can retire or if we have to keep working forever we are frustrated when the government responds to our concerns have utterly the PAP alone does not know what is best we may change any change now as there are many loopholes and insufficiencies that still exist take work permit rules for instance the minimum qualifying salary for foreign professionals managers and executives to obtain that employment pass is still far too low at 3,300 it must be raised to ensure we obtain candidates of professional quality who can really contribute to Singapore at the current rate even insurance firms can employ agents on the employment pass the Singapore People's Party has a long record for actively speaking up in Parliament on issues that matter to you in the last four years we have kept the government in check on many issues ranging from the CPF overpopulation transport as well as the recent accounting lapses in government ministries and statutory boss we are a proven party with an excellent track record in managing the bottom part on council for 27 years I worked alongside mr. chairman seat on the Singapore people's party secretary General Sir important passive residents with strong commitment reliability and dedication we ran the potong pasir town council operations with integrity achieving a budget surplus for many years we built many amenities including 29 lives for the community all without government grants and without additional payment from our residents we believe residents should not be held ransom by promises of upgrading works don't leave your future slow solely into the hands of the PAP vote for the Singapore people's party vote for our candidates important puzzle Mountbatten honking off and bishan Toa Payoh GRC let us move into the future together thank you and good night speaking for Singaporeans first is mr. Tunji say dear fellow Singaporeans a year ago a group of our Singaporeans got together to form a new political party called Singaporeans first we were concerned that government policies have deprived Singaporeans of their rightful place in their own country our people unhappy social tension is high.

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