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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Empowerment

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Empowerment

I didn't want to become a domestic worker for me it was a shameful job the lowest form of work I wanted to be a teacher but I had no option my parents are farmers I have ten brothers and sisters I had to earn money to support my parents I become a domestic worker because you don't need any qualification and it's the easiest way to earn money but today I am proud of being a domestic worker I still look for an old couple but I'm also the leader of domestic worker union in the Philippines let me tell you my story I started off as the domestic worker in the Philippines in eight years I had two employers neither of them treated me well in my first job I was employed as a nanny but I ended up doing everything it's the look after the children but I also did the cooking and cleaning the food was bad and of course my employer didn't pay any social benefits my second employer though was worse feel long hours no social benefits and certainly no overtime but she was always his calling me nothing was ever right for her how many times I ever cleaned the table it was not always clean enough for her but then the sexual harassment began my employer husband forced me to watch pornographic movies with him so I never felt safe with him so I quit the job to avoid this kind of abuse my next job was even worse I went to the Gulf to look after the child but the parents owned the cleaning agency so they hired me out as a cleaner laundry worker school janitor and even bus conductor they took half of my wages they made me work long hours and I got little food to eat my first meal in the morning is at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon it was usually children's dinners are scrub that had fallen into the floor why did I stay because I had an option I need to finish my contract to be able to get my exit visa and to pay for my ticket home I wanted to send money home to my parents and also wanted to save money for my studies I spent two years in the Gulf but it felt like them with its new job I faced more sexual abuse but I tried to fight back while working as a bus conductor the driver grabbed and tried to kiss me he only stops when my issue peon friend arrived I complained but he denied everything but my employer did nothing she says that the school wasn't a number one client the caretaker in the laundry where I was working tried to hug me so I kicked him pick up a knife and treat and to stop him later on the supervisor arrived and fired him I'm happy because the supervisor believed me in my next job when I was a cleaner my co-worker touch my breast so I punched him I complained and he's transferred luckily my supervisor believed me again I had no option I need to speak out I cannot bear the exploitation anymore it was not easy it was hard I was in the country where I didn't speak the language I had no friends to talk to I felt very alone after two years of hell I went back in the Philippines to work as a domestic worker again and to be able to finish my studies and finally I graduated as a teacher I thought it was a dream job but I earned less than I expected my salary is slower than the salary of a domestic worker I even paid late and no social benefits even though they kept promising me so I quit my job and back the domestic worker again at this time a friend he Maya tried to convince me to join the union she is a former domestic worker but now one organiser of domestic worker she said no Vinita please come join the union no I replied but then the second time again she approached me no Vinita the union which can help you and then by the second time I said no again I was in denial about my situation I still felt that domestic work was shameful but in the end I went to a regional meeting called the United domestic workers Action Group now called the United domestic workers union in the Philippines it was an eye-opener they tell me about my rights and responsibilities of the employer I realize the domestic work was decent work and not shameful so the group which I avoided for so long changed my life today I work to make ensure that no other domestic workers experience what I did and in 2022 I joined the Union and in 2022 I was elected as a chapter president and in 2022 I became the national president this is a big responsibility but members just me to represent well their issues and concern what we have achieved so far in just three years we have grown up the 200 to 2,000 members this is a lot because many domestic workers are afraid of joining Union they fear that their employers would fire them if they join the Union we ensure that ILO convention 189 and domestic workers up in 2022 was implemented we have built an organization that listens to domestic workers promote and defend our rights we also help domestic workers to better negotiate with the rights and to stop sexual harassment and abuse they can tell us now that they can better negotiate rights act for additional layoffs and pay for them their social benefits we join the international domestic workers Federation a global half-million of domestic workers fighting for rights and last month I was just elected as a regional representative in Asia in.

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