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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Historical

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Historical

Nokia, it remembers. Because it's you, forget Nokia. 2. Can I take people? No, Italy for lucky advances. 3. A team on one signal each, my companion connecting people. 4. Nokia connecting people, Nokia 9000 communicator. It's everything you need to communicate when you're on the move, but it's so small it fits in your jacket pocket. 5. The Nokia 9000 communicator, everything everywhere. The ability to do or not do anything you want. 6. Introducing the Nokia 3307, connecting people. I would call it my best mate. 7. I think I'd call it "In Yang," definitely my little magical treat. 8. That there's all sorts of things for me if I had everything that I needed in just one device. I was cool, a life support system. My right hand, wasn't it my hero? The president oil, Presidenta. 9. It's my magic maker, my magic, my life. The future, it's a beautiful thing to have if it's always connected and at fast speed as well. 10. Internet everywhere, all the time. Perfectly in connection with how the wall is changing. Traveling would become something different. 11. Everyone gets lost and everyone needs to know where they're going. 12. I wouldn't have been bound by a place. I'd lead genuinely mobile. 13. My art is all my life, so if I see something nice – a color, a building, a car, a face – you're walking down the street and you find like this specific moment you want to capture, think it would change my life. 14. I wouldn't need to have three or four different devices. Everything combined in one little thing you go into a handbag. 15. I think once you've got it, you'll find loads of different ways to use it in ways you could never predict. You might window, you know, like I can look great. 16. It's the world in...