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Te only this side. Your name Social security number Street address where you live City or town state and ZIP code County Telephone number If you are under age 40 enter your date of birth month day year Check here if you received a conditional certification from the state workforce agency SWA or a participating local agency for the work opportunity credit. I am a member of a family that has received assistance from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF for any 9 months during the past ...

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To begin you need to go to the Devices and Printers you will see that currently the HP Officejet Pro 86 30 is the default printer let us create a custom paper size for this printer once you select it you can see that there is the print server properties that pops up once that is selected you can see the various forms all the paper sizes that is currently being supported by this printer let us create a new form and let's name it test forms we create the size to be 8 inches by we and 9 inches by height we leave the printer margins as it is remember to save the form of the creating it and you can see that is now the test forms for dimensions that you've just key in is appearing on the forms that is being supported by this printer next we will show how to use this newly created forms or paper size let us start up a Word document another Word document will go to page layout and you'll select the size and as you can see here the test forms is available the custom paper size that we have just created so this is how you create a custom paper size and use it on the word document do note that the custom paper size that you create it has to be within the supportable dimensions of outer printer itself that is you cannot create a paper size that is bigger than what the printer can support hope you enjoyed this video thank you you

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