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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Rehabilitation

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Rehabilitation

Pop and Brad the two mostly this physical there is only today hi folks I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist Brad antique physical therapy we have the most famous physical therapist on the internet and I opinion of course this today Brad we're going to talk about how to rehab after meniscus surgery right this is for Jim Jim absolutely just said to my gym he just had a meniscus surgery a rehabbing right now and we're going to help him out how to follow through with this and as we will help out anybody else who is new to our channel by the way if you are new please take a second to subscribe to us we have subscription button maybe over here maybe here we provide videos how stay healthy fit pain free and we upload every day so they know more okay now this is a type of surgery typically you go in one day they do some deep breathing the meniscus may be tore or have a flap that's up on it one way or another they just it's a simple surgery now they braiding and cutting a part of it away right exactly I mean it all might have fold it over and it's cause you know you know your knee to lock up exactly just getting some of the rough edges off to smooth it up and so the rehab is not real complex it doesn't need a lot of therapy often times but it is important to get started on the right channel you can do on your own exactly the first couple three days this is pretty simple it's the price the real earthy rehab method right let's go through this quickly Bob you don't have to have one of these wedges but it helps keep the slowing down and it's very comfortable once you put both legs on thereby that will help so you don't irritate your back get a cold pack here we got a nice one here but you know you can make your own we've got some videos on how to make your own for very well rested ice compression elevation or a vegan protect I'll protect okay I see protect it in other words you may need to use crutches possibly dependent now once again all this depends on what your surgeon gives four cautions every surgery is a little bit different so you need to follow what they say first if they say weight-bearing as tolerated range of motion as tolerated you can follow everything right here and as tolerated means if you get sharp pains of it that's not tolerated little pain little stretching pain that's okay you as good judgment don't overdo it yep listen to your doctor exactly you said they're all different they're all have their different ideas right so if they give those instructions as tolerated here's how we're going to start now later on in the program as you rehab this and you need get sore because you decided to overdo it you thought well I'll see if it makes it through the pain then you need to come back and do the price again elevate left ice okay now slap on to lay down again what's the rate on one of the big things about rehabbing a knee whether it's this surgery an ACL surgery is we need to get the quadriceps fired up right we need to get those muscles working again because it's so important for walking and so what we're going to do can you grab the blue we're going to use this have roller here because it works really nice but you can put anything under your knee okay what I want you to think about doing is squishing if you got a little nerf ball under your knee that works good see Bob is squishing down and he's what are you thinking about and I like to see the patella move upwards he's got his pants on so we can't but we have a pair of shorts on in the clinic that's what I'm always looking for and then you can see the quadricep muscles tightening oh yeah look at those go ahead Bob oh they're just Bulger oh okay now the next thing if that starts working good it's going to be hard to see but let's go like this if you can put a ball under your knee or something like this now think about pushing down on that there you go and lift it up you have a short art quad we call that if we're two sets of ten of these once you get the squishing and the kneecap going up then you can put the ball and you here do ten of those a couple sets if you like to even three sets of goofy and really good feel really good bread yeah all right now the next set weight-bearing as tolerated so why don't we do some exercises did you want to straight leg raises or not this oh yeah we might hit those all your thing so just well bending this knee usually did not involve leg I get the opposite leg up like this it makes it not easy on your back and the whole now you're going to need to have a fair amount of strength to get to this point I mean you're going to have to have been doing the the quad sets in a short arc way before you can start lifting the leg here and one thing you'll hear if you hear terms saying a quad leg that means when you do this that knee is unable yeah fully straight that's a quad leg if you lift up and you can't get a full extension that's that's normal but the whole deal is is to get away from the quad leg then you know you got another don't be looking like.

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