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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Requirement

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Requirement

Good afternoon and welcome to today's webinar on Work Opportunity Tax Credit and hiring individuals with disabilities this event is sponsored by the employer assistance and Resource Network an organization that provides free support employers relating to recruiting hiring retaining and advancing qualified veterans and individuals with disabilities our speakers today are from the TJX companies Pat flavin is an AVP of workforce initiatives within the TJX community relations department sherry st. amant is a Workforce Development Manager in task group workforce initiatives was established in the mid-1990s to oversee TJX is participation in the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit program TJX is bleeding off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the US and worldwide ranked 119 in the current fortune 500 listing without with 2022 revenues of 22 billion dollars they operate over 2800 stores in six countries and employ 160,000 associates you have been connected by default to your computer's microphone and speakers today to adjust your volume settings find the audio control panel in the lower left-hand corner of your screen and there you will see two sliders the bottom slider controls your audio volume if you're having audio trouble go to the Tools menu then to the audio submenu and to the audio setup wizard run through the prompts and this solves most audio issues if at any time during the presentation you still have problems hearing us and choose to use the telephone today's conference number and PIN will have been sent to the chat box and this can also be found on the webinar landing page please note this is not a toll-free call if you have any questions during today's presentation please type them into the chat box simply type here hit the send button and we will answer all questions or as many as we can get you at the end of the presentation and now I will turn it over to Pat and Shari hi good afternoon good morning to our West Coast calls and welcome from rainy Boston we're going today to talk to you about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and hiring individuals with disability if you want to go to our first slide Mike put that up for our vision it really is to build strong community employment and philanthropic networks in the communities where we do business in order to feed a talent and pipeline and drive sales and that really is the bottom line here for us is to Tamara the communities where we do our business we currently only work with our us base change we do have operations in Canada and the UK and you have made some attempts to do similar type work the programs in the UK in Canada however it's proven to be a lot more complicated than it has been in the u.s. one of the ancillary benefits are working with many community-based organizations or CBO's as we call them is that many of the hires we may qualify our organization and yours for tax credit under the current work opportunity tax credit program or Watson pension call you want to move to the next slide like the watching program is a federal program it's currently under review and due to expire at the end of this year we'll be participating in some field walks and to talk with legislators about having them extended those of you who may not be familiar with the program there are nine different groups that people can be qualified through to participate in the Wannsee program oh just go through the list but I have included the website up there for you to get some more detailed information we have long term TANF recipients other TANF recipients or a member of a family receiving TANF veterans we have individuals in the 18 to 39 year old snap or food stamp recipient program 18 to 39 year old designated community residents that live in empowerment zone has been designated by the state and federal government 15 to 17 year old summer youth vocational rehab referrals which we'll talk a little bit more about today X balance and social security income recipients that we'll also talk with about today and those two groups really are the primary focus for today's session in working with individuals with disabilities the SSI Supplemental Social Security and vocational rehab the programs are really based on the individuals category their family size and income and the designated group that that applicant may fall into your organization may be eligible up to $9,000 in credits over a two-year period depending upon which organization they come from and which category they fall into what we use for calculation purposes is $1,000 for an average credit based on the bulk of our employment being part-time and then having a lot of turnover out in the stores so we use $1,000 as our average for that credit so you can see from the Department of Labor of government business incentives opportunity tax the website there for those of you who don't use an outside vendor to process your credits you can go to the website and we'll walk you through the procedures necessary in order to get the paperwork and the procedures that you need to process roughly credits for your organization small companies do not make as much use of it as mid to larger size but I would encourage you if you're from the small organization to go the website research how it will work for you and then make use of the applicable tax credits then we walk to the next one week since 1997 when we began our work with the welfare-to-work program we really jumped in the feet first headfirst back at that time we were asked by President Clinton for CEO death of Washington to ask if we could hire 2,000 individuals from welfare between 1997 and year 2022 we really didn't have the capacity or know-how.

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