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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Stamps

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Stamps

Music Applause Music Applause hi this is David Odell with Odell complete concrete this is part 2 video of this same job the first video showed the setup and the removal and a little bit look at the drawing that we're working off of so here we are day of pour we've got all our speed dowels in as you can see mounted to the sides of those forums we're gonna pour the band's today and that's going to be stamped concrete it's going to have a color hardener on there that color hardened we're gonna be using is a 50 500 psi and then we're going to be throwing a an antiquing color on top of that just before we stamp and that'll give it a two-tone effect here's our pumper out front all set up and we're starting getting it on right now I've got the cleanouts you've seen the clean outs there I got some blue tape over them the first video I didn't really show those brass collars going on but we're gonna show how they clean up at the end when we do the rinse those are sewer clean outs by the way they're kind of you don't really see them there now but um this I actually you know what I'm gonna have to take that back on that color hardener actually this this is a this colors mixed into the concrete this is a intrical mixture so this is a 3000 psi because that's the mix design we're using here and we're just going with some gray so it's pretty dark when it goes in just like any concrete goes in dark as it cures it gets a lot lighter you know we've got all those speed dials in the rebar we have...