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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Submitted

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Submitted

Hello my name is Chris and I'm with privacy electronics today I'm going to show you how to create a support ticket and how to check your support ticket go to either Google Chrome or Firefox type in privacy electronics com then you're going to go to support and create support ticket this is for first time users if you have already created a support ticket you can go to login and enter your email and the password that you have created if you do forget your password you can go here and click forgot password now what you're going to do for first time users you're going to explain in detail exactly the issue that you're experiencing create your first name last name also create a password please remember this does have to be eight characters long if you do have a business enter your business name here if you do not you can just put in an A also phone number enter your phone number where we can reach you then enter your email address then enter if you do know your invoice number date of purchase and the device please enter your address as well this helps us find exactly you in our system so we can verify the equipment that you have purchased select your city state and zip code this is please provide here the information in detail then hit submit it said I was experiencing issue I forgot to select the issue i was experiencing so i'm selecting no recorded video but of course this does not appeal to everyone's issue so you would want to select the exact issue that you're experiencing at that time then I'm going to hit submit this is really important this confirms yes that it has been sent also sometimes emails do go to junk or spam now i want to check my support ticket i'm going to go to support login I'm going to enter in my email and I'm going to select log in now I can view all my tickets right here is where I can select my tickets if you see this highlighted area right here now I'm going to click this button view tickets then I can actually see my ticket that i created right here I can click edit this will show me all the responses to and from private Electronics Technicians so what i can do is i can also respond to the technician in the reply so this is where you want to hit reply and then that's my response please note that everything will be in the area below here which is the response of exactly what you need to do whether it's with user manuals passwords logins anything like that can all be right here please note that your username and password for your systems that you have purchased from us are different from the website login for privacy electronics if you do have any questions please feel free and contact us you can reach us at support at privacy electronics com or you can contact us directly via phone we look forward to helping you have a wonderful day.

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