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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Submitting

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Submitting

Hey YouTube, how's it going? It's Quinton here and welcome back to tutorial number 29. In this video, I just want to speak to you guys about submitting a form. Okay, so in the previous tutorial, I did say that we were going to start some form validation, but I decided before we move on to that, you guys should probably just understand fully what submitting a form means and how we're going to use that in JavaScript. Okay, so let's just start off by putting a form onto our web page. So, starting form and ending form. Okay, and there are two attributes that are actually compulsory to have on our form. We need to have them every time and the first one is the action, which is basically where do I want to send the information I get from this form? Where do I want to send it to? Okay, and this is going to be like another page on our website, preferably something that's written with some server-side code. Okay, so in other words, it can't be a dot HTML file. Okay, like it can't be another page that's HTML because, okay, let's say another page was another page on our website. If it was a dot HTML file, it wouldn't be able to do anything with the values that we sent to it. Okay, so it would actually be pointless. But if it was something like a dot PHP file, then we'd be able to actually read the data that we sent to it and actually do stuff with the data, save it in a database or something like that, whatever. Okay, so that's what the action does. Okay, then we've got another attribute called the method and the method is basically all the data that...