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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Supplemental

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Supplemental

Music welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to create supplemental data forms and enter data in Oracle financial consolidation and close clouds supplemental data forms prusers the data entry fields required to enter data in datasets summarized data is displayed in the totals section of the form you can post data from the total section to financial consolidation and close cloud to create forms you must first create a form template then you deploy the template to a data collection period a form is created for each entity specified in the template to create form templates you select supplemental data from the navigate menu and then select form templates I'll create a form for entering data in the investment details data set I select the scenario for the data from the scenario list you can enter instructions for using the data entry form the references section you can attach documents and add links you create sections to add attributes from datasets to the form template you enter a name for the section in the name field and select a dataset for each section each section you create displays as a separate tab in the form use the data records option to specify how to display attribute headings in the form to display the headings horizontally across the top select row for data records to stack the headings vertically select column on the columns tab select the attributes to display in the section use the view only option to prevent editing of attribute values use the total row option to select whether totals for numeric attributes display above or below the data records for numeric attributes whose values you want to post to financial consolidation and close cloud select included on the group by tab I'll post data for Book value select group by attributes to display subtotals for an attribute I'll display subtotals for the Standard and Poor's rating you use the total row property to specify whether the grand total displays above or below the subtotals use the mapping tab to specify the financial consolidation and close point of view to which to post the form data to post the total for all the records in the data set enter a POV in the bottom section to post data for the subtotals defined by the group by attribute enter a point of view in the top section I'll post the total for all records in the dataset I'll select other investment for account number other investment activities for movement you must specify a member for each POV dimension you use the workflow tab to configure the form workflow frequency specifies how often data is collected for example monthly or quarterly you assign the start day as a number of days after either the end date or closed date of the data collection period I'll start data collection two days after the close date you must define a form workflow you can include separate activities for preparing approving and posting the form data I'll select prepare approve and post as activities for this form duration is the number of days to complete each activity users that perform the post activity are referred to as integrators in the users section I select the entities for which to create forms for each entity I assign users for the workflow activities the approver user must be different than the preparer you use the questions section to verify that proper data collection procedures were followed you can select from different formats such as yes/no and multiple choice you can have separate questions for preparer approvers and integrators if you make a question required users cannot submit approve or post the form until they have answered the question you can add viewers to the form viewers have view only access to the form data for each viewer you specify the entities for which they can view data and the required workflow state you can allow data to be viewed in all workflow States after the data has been submitted for approval or after it has been approved to create forms deploy the form template to a data collection period for a year in scenario the data collection period status must be open and the frequency of the period must match the frequency you selected for the forms the results dialog box shows how many forms were deployed a form is created for each entity specified in the form template you open forms from the task list the start date is determined based on the start day offset and the durations you entered in the template the workflow section shows the preparers approvers and integrators assigned for the entity to begin data entry click Add I'll add data for triple-a and double-a investments if you leave a required field blank a message displays when you save data save the form data to display totals in the total section if you use grouping subtotals are displayed for each group in this tutorial you learned how to create supplemental data forms and enter data in Oracle financial consolidation and closed cloud to learn more visit cloud.oracle.com Music.

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