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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Targeted

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Targeted

It's my favorite it's the only reason I do this series so it's this bit that's why I get really like if it's not happening like whoa on the face massage we built a thing there we we built a thing and I have you ever talked about this thing we talked about two or three nothing but and this is it this is push it's image compression web map thing all runs on the web as you can see you've just gone from to point whatever makes it and it's great anyway check it out baby whatever whatever but but what I wanted to talk about is share target all right all right so so your target is already a thing it's been already shipped and it's unstable right parts of it have and parts of it have all this part I'm going to go through both of them all right cool oh here's what it does oh look at our stupid faces here's our stupid faces this is Google photos this of the native app yeah on Android I'm gonna hit share and I'm going to share it - there's a squash squash and this this is just a web app so we just shared from a native app to a web app to a web app that's pretty cool and dysentery imagine things yes and it works and it feels like a real native experience so now I can actually I mean this is the rock feel that we were I've been missing right because you want to compress your image how do you get your image from photos into schools you have to open a Scrooge they load an image select the Photos app then you get the select of all the images you gotta go image flunk yes and so anything that can share images official sound isn't it flunk yeah well it means you could do that from Twitter from anything I'll actually share an image you could then take it straight into square sad only for it's a manifest thing I presume it is this is one of the few PWA only features that we have I haven't them you mean only once it's installed it will actually work exactly so yes visiting the page like if I've visited Scrooge in my browser it will not register as a share target it will not register as a target or the way you do it like you say is in the web app manifest so you know these things okay name start Europe that's all usual stuff but then oh no target share targets okay and then an action now this is action in the same way form action works so okay because what share tag is going to do the way it's going to share the things is it's going to make like a form submission so like a post request well you get not a time to method and this works already in the form you do that as well actually they say that I haven't done form in ages now they say that but yeah yeah well this is it does exactly the same as what before method yeah and you can specify the encoding type which is so we started sharing target but encoding time we shortened to ink type because that's the attribute on the form element I didn't even exist it yeah yeah there's no this is the thing this is if you have a file input in a form you have to set the egg type to multi-part form data because that's the only form encoding that supports files okay this format doesn't the egg type only matters if it's our form your angle means all the things in my form whatever it is will be appended to the action URL as query parameters well that depends on what method is its body yes if it's get your right is going to end up at the end of the URL and then you specify these parameters so quick quick conic is it I'm curious if I already have some query parameters in my action URL will it successfully merge yes it will yeah yeah okay cool I imagine okay but that's what form does okay we would expect the same thing here so in here it's like the the things the operating system may give you as part of a share is the title the text the URL so this the classic text share or link share kind of thing yeah and I'm mapping it to the form finally the same now that I'm interested so and if I remember correctly that is the part that has already shipped and staple this is shipped in table this has been in since 71 on Android so I've built a web app that uses this okay yeah show me show me show me so your work your glorious what this does this is the text share target app and what it does it tells you what the URL is that's very good look it's a good app and what I'm going to do and you have to install the home screen because it's that good because it's that good I use it all the time I'm going to go into the YouTube native app I'm going to go into and look at these jokers and I'm going to share again I can share to that app alright and if I share let you go so the URL is rule that it's got all that stuff on and if it you know break it apart here the share title is now watch contacts and optimizations on YouTube and you should and the share text which is the the URL now is a bit weird that the text is the URL and there's a URL yeah I hate them because you know how when you sum its share from the.

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