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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Targeted

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Targeted

It's my favorite. It's the only reason I do this series. So it's this bit. That's why I get really like. If it's not happening like whoa on the face massage. We built a thing. There we, we built a thing. And I have you ever talked about this thing? We talked about two or three, nothing but. And this is it. This is push. It's image compression web map thing. All runs on the web. As you can see. You've just gone from to point whatever makes it. And it's great. Anyway, check it out baby. Whatever, whatever. But what I wanted to talk about is share target. All right, all right. So, your target is already a thing. It's been already shipped and it's unstable. Right parts of it have and parts of it have all this part. I'm going to go through both of them. All right, cool. Oh here's what it does. Oh look at our stupid faces. Here's our stupid faces. This is photos. This of the native app. Yeah on Android. I'm gonna hit share and I'm going to share it - there's a squash squash. And this this is just a web app. So we just shared from a native app to a web app to a web app. That's pretty cool and dysentery imagine things yes and it works and it feels like a real native experience. So now I can actually I mean this is the rock feel that we were I've been missing right because you want to compress your image. How do you get your image from photos into schools? You have to open a Scrooge. They load an image select the Photos app then you get the select of all the images you gotta go image flunk yes...