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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Ting

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Ting

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is actually a study related video which is really really highly requested I don't know why now that SPN her and really thought how do i how did I manage right hi I drop down some of the design tips I don't want to call it hip I prefer calling it the way I study some of it might work for you but some of it might not work for you it's different for everyone so make sure you stay to the end of this video because I'll be sharing with you some websites where I studied online because stay tuned for that because that will be very helpful if you take admits and Basle are you let's just get started with the video now the first thing that I do every year is to create my own study timetable now for me I study a subject per day I don't do to subject a day that's too much for me so basically what I do is every beginning of the year you get a timetable write a custom table so I'll analyze the timetable and then I'll choose what they study what subject now for example on Monday I chose science because that's one hour of science what is this even the timetable Tuesday I'll most probably go for accounts cuz that's one hour I'll choose the longest period you know you know you know my midnight the more time I spend on it I'll choose that deep you get it right you get it flow right so yeah basically one subject per day that is husband but I'll take and that's twice a week shows us subject that you I really big at and just do it twice a week I don't do English and muscles are you next thing is actually I make my own note book now I have a few here as an example this actually like the most important thing ever for me it all started during from tree except for my PT tree right oh my or any dog was like my first job I was so bad at it I get the all the time after doing this eventually got a for my pretty tree eventually and the trials after that I did all my books are really good I mean my notebook is as you can really see I just chopped down those that I've always on the day of the except I was just holding this I was just relying on this and it really didn't help me a lot so basically whenever I do activity books and stuff whenever I get wrong for a question our just like Charlie dynamite the book those that are not in the textbook oh but not that my teacher gave it's all in you I'll show you my from flying from five fun some like this but I don't really use this that much about this book I really did separated according to subject okay I do it even for science things that I always forget and random random you know they are not intact though other note that my teacher gave all over in here Music the next type of do not stare at me I'm pretty sure everyone does this okay now this is my so Chara for the aka my pay max you see whenever I notice them one piece of the paper inside here is missing I'll go crazy because the hard work so I started doing this last year generally you actually still have time so please don't be lazy and do what I do here I'm not forcing you to I've never like get a a - oil be for my Senora after doing this I actually got an egg fast eventually I don't know about the underdog SPMS we have a my meter and my triose got a blast I was like what I was so shocked and like wow Music okay stop talking about myself what I'm doing here it's chapters that I always can't remember I know it's very tough to remember all the chapter but choose those that you really can remember I'll give an example chapter one and two for for the Commodore will always get mixed up so what I did here it eventually helped me eventually I'm gonna show you a chapter to our phone for this boy this really takes a lot of hard work you really need to put in a lock effort in this so yeah and please do it yourself don't print it out if you pray that it doesn't mean anything to you you know if I didn't write this I don't think I'll care much if they are gone missing so please Friday if you really want to do this kind of notes basically I'll take a main title at the center for example data black ant a module okay and then I'll split it you Nani is over here Rome is over here in Gaza is China over here it goes the same for every sub top they all place it at the same position and then you've read you can immediately see the difference you won't get mixed up cause before this I always get mixed up between my new nanny and Rome and stuff so as I doing this I can be really hard you know me this is the one wrong this is the one when you separate it like this if you are like really familiar with the paper you can really picture in your head you nannies decide okay what other notes you know even during exams I can imagine that this whole thing is on my mind I can see where I do not I know it doesn't make sense but if you always read this notes right and notes that you write yourself you know I.

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