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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Toggle

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Toggle

And one other thing I wanted to show at a field level you can actually set the type of input so if we select the data field and then come over to input type you'll see that we have a few options here na means it allow barcode keyboard or RFID if I select keyboard it's not going to allow barcode or RFID I select barcode no only allows barcode if I select RFID it only allows RFID so if you're using an app that utilizes both RFID and barcode you don't necessarily have to disable the barcode scanner here you could use the field level controls for the fields so that you know you may want to barcode scan one field like a location and then maybe then you want to scan all the RFID tags in a room so the location you could set as input type barcode and then the asset you could set as input type RFID feature it's actually pretty cool to sort of piggyback on this is the input type button match if we add a button and select a action of leave it is toggle input so this button you can actually use to toggle input to this specific field so I could set the toggle input control ID so if we just click on this ID button it shows what our all our unique control IDs are so our data field is 5 we go back to the control so I'll say we want to toggle the input of 5 so the first thing you do is set a default of what the default toggle will be for that field so maybe it starts off as barcode then you can also enable what the toggle actually does so if you want to be able to flip between you know any barcode keyboard RFID or maybe you just want to be able to toggle between barcode and keyboard you can actually set any and RFID to false so that's B toggle so that means anytime you click the button it does the toggle so every time you click it it'll flip between barcode or keyboard so then you can actually change the caption what the button will show once you actually toggle these filthy barcode and keyboard now if I deploy this let me apply that to my Android I did do that goto session three you because of an Android device and I had the barcode it's going to try to do barcode let me just back out from this let me actually set our start on field to type you'll see here we have right now it says barcode so that means that field is accepting barcode if I click on it it switches the keyboard now I can type in it I switch it back the barcode is going to bring up our in this case it's just doing the camera I could actually skin thing here you and because it's set to go to itself that's why it's popping up again but that's a good feature to use if you want to toggle input between our pour a single field I should say if you want to be able to toggle different types of inputs for a specific field so that's useful we've seen in like asset tracking if they're they're doing RFID maybe it's not tagged yet so then they can switch to a barcode or a barcode is not readable and they can switch the keyboard so you basically get your preferred method of data entry would give the user to the ability to change that to be able to enter the data thanks for watching if you enjoy our content be sure to LIKE and subscribe and visit our channel below for more you can also find us online at tracer plus calm or on Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn if you have any questions feel free to call or email us at any time and we'll be happy to help.

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