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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Toggle

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Toggle

And one other thing, I wanted to show at a field level. You can actually set the type of input. So, if we select the data field and then come over to input type, you'll see that we have a few options here. "na" means it allows barcode, keyboard, or RFID. If I select keyboard, it's not going to allow barcode or RFID. If I select barcode, it only allows barcode. If I select RFID, it only allows RFID. So, if you're using an app that utilizes both RFID and barcode, you don't necessarily have to disable the barcode scanner here. You could use the field level controls for the fields. So, you may want to barcode scan one field like a location, and then maybe you want to scan all the RFID tags in a room. So, the location, you could set as input type barcode, and then the asset, you could set as input type RFID. Another feature, it's actually pretty cool to sort of piggyback on this, is the input type button match. If we add a button and select an action of "leave it" is toggle input, this button you can actually use to toggle input to this specific field. So, I could set the toggle input control ID. If we just click on this ID button, it shows what all our unique control IDs are. So, our data field is 5. We go back to the control, so I'll say we want to toggle the input of 5. So, the first thing you do is set a default of what the default toggle will be for that field. So, maybe it starts off as barcode. Then, you can also enable what the toggle actually does. So, if you want to be able to flip between...