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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Update

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Update

So here we're at the web book here with a 10-inch 10.1 inch this is a via eight eight five zero eight eight five zero you open the the practice on the page of the this part and on the right page so this is like a chiclet keyboard this is 71 years dollar the only problem with this one is that it's a 512 make mega watt Ram it's not touch but maybe the US will be optimized for touch in the future I'm guessing the Android 500 Android 4.2 and we optimized for it kind of like a merger with Chrome OS and over here we have respects not the next page and here let's go in here so these are the specs 85 for tech say nine Mali 400 1gb RAM 4gb flash and so all this stuff 800 grams right here it's 71 US dollar how much is 1gb ram what is the price this is so much cheaper sixty four sixty yeah so for 10 10 more you have 1gb RAM it's kind of sad because I need to buy it then I would like to have 1 GB round but I don't have stock so why don't you be round there's even like a 3G USB dongle support you can go in a 3G dongle this full list of supported the dongles and there's a camera on the front so there you have it the the umpired Chromebook just launched with Samsung for 250 and this is 70 71 72 dollars you won 1 GB round some some crazy low price and then there's also the 7 inch 7 inch version same CPU same everything just 7 inch 7 inch and this this one same CPU money 400 also 1gb RAM this ain't hand I'm 480 screen 650 grams only and the price is 53 820 so it's like $51 330 11b so 450 330 and we're booting up Android 4.0 gonna boot it's coming it's gonna come right here there's all these different colors there's a from know this pink but it looks a little bit on pink there and there's all these right here they also do tablet sound like a arm part not to other company they have been for a few years now oh this one is low on power oh no it's there okay so that's what you can get you can get a seven inch laptop for 50 bucks in theory it could run Chrome OS if Google just open sources Chrome OS on arm which I expect it will because Google is an open source company but who knows maybe maybe some song is gonna kind of like ask and say hey wait a little bit before you like unleash chorus on the whole Shenzhen Shenzhen market so I can go back here back to the home menu it's still kind of booting I guess and browse the internet but it's this kind like the old cheap laptop design it's not like three four five years old now before the beginning it was MIPS stuff and it became armed nas ARM Cortex a9 and it's only fifty bucks $50 so with Chrome OS you have a billion people who could connect to the internet with these kinds of devices if it's fast enough for for browsing might be just possible that it might be and how one two three and then I searched on Google search for testing and I can go and test their keypad touch ok it's also could you clicks on a keypad so are you like this every day like it's 800 grams bursting can you close it you close your person and create presents yeah this hat looks very thin alright nice.

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