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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Urban

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Urban

Good morning my name is Martha Madhavi I am a second year doctoral designer student and along with my colleague liane vang and boy agua are also in their second year of datas program we would like to welcome you to the doctrine of design conference reform new investigations in urban form doctoral design is a multidisciplinary research program that encompasses a broad range and combination of theoretical applied and technological topics comment to the diverse range of Dida's research investigation is the belief that designed research makes essential contribution to understanding analyzing and improving the built environment in the increasingly complex world in an attempt to tackle multiple aspects of urbanization we invited some of the most prominent urban thinkers with action or knowledge under the frame of annual leaders conference organization of this event was possible thanks to intellectual support of our moderators professor Charles Waldheim professor Neil Brenner and professor Diane Davis and generosity of our sponsors Harvard GSD Advanced Studies program history and philosophy of design platform dean's office office for urbanization and this urbanism landscape ecology program urban Theory lab center for green buildings and cities office for communications and China GSD not to mention that Professor Martin Bechtold director of datas program and our Dean professor Mostafavi have been supporting and inspiring us during months s of preparation we would like to sincerely thank them and the conference really derives from the common interests and collective conversation among us and the GSD at large it is to provoke new investigation investigations and debates on urban form and its relevance in contemporary organizations specifically by acknowledging the fluctuating conditions of political economic and technological contacts and practices this conference interrogate the meanings of form and its agency in design disciplines and critical thinking it has been almost half a century since the publication of Harry seminal tax urban sport and we see this conference as a timely discussion on this matter and we hope to gauge such discourse against the urban theory situated within the ongoing urban transitions across the geographies as we all have noticed in the past three decades emerging technologies have drastically challenged the idea of urban and its form ranging in scale from the planetary to the individual the unprecedented urban complex prioritizes the practice over its agency and cr4 obscures the logics of the urban upon which it operates the processes of contemporary urbanization produce radical phenomena and urban objects yet prioritizing urban form as an instrument for organization remains an elusive notion it is with this in mind that we believe recovering the dis curved discursive agency of urban form is a pressing matter we might not have any definite answers by the end of this conference today but indeed we hope to address them in a more open explicit and inclusive manner in terms of the structure of the conference the conference is consisted of three panels with one closing discussion and one keynote speech in each panel we have two panelists each of them will give a relatively short 20 minute talk and then we open up the floor for any comments questions reactions for 50 minutes therefore it is not only about the panelists and moderators but also about the audience so please feel free to join the table not sit behind and join the discussions and three panels respond to three topics that we think are urgent and at stake so panel one moderated by Professor Charles Waldheim will respond to the question how might the design disciplines reestablish the agency of form in defining the contemporary environment panel two moderated by professor new brenner will try to answer how can we reform the discourse of urban form and reposition such knowledge in debates and temperance theory panel 3 moderated by professor Dan Davis we'll look at how are the emerging urban practices affecting the means and future transformation of urbanization and urban form after panel one will have a word take a lunch break lunch will be provided to panelists and moderators at portico which is room one two three and after panel two there will be a coffee break and after the third panel we will go directly into the closing discussion host by Professor Dan Davis after that we'll have a small reception also in room one two three and keynote speech professor Kees christiany crystianna's will start at 6:30 at Piper auditorium and also today we are glad that Dean Mohsen Mostafavi is with us so we will have to invite him to give opening remarks to this conference thank you and good morning it's really great to to witness this kind of event happening here in the school I when I was asked to say a few words I really wasn't sure what the organizers wanted me to to speak about but just sort of reading their notes and realizing the kind of urgency of this topic I feel that today is going to be really an important day so thank you for organizing this conference reform new investigations and taking place around this kind of important topic years and so thank you to boya to merge there and to liang and of course many thanks to all our speakers for taking the time and and being here with us when we talked about the concept of urban form of the discussion of urban form this topic is in many ways inseparable from the history of the GSD in some ways because I think especially for our visitors and maybe for some of our students it might be worthwhile to say that this history is linked to the foundation of urban design here at the GSD which is almost 60 years ago that the urban design program was founded by jose luis hurt here at the GSD and when it was founded the idea of urban design or thinking about the urban in some ways separate from the history.

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