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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Veterans

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Veterans

Music Music welcome to veterans forum I'm here Fred smart from Chicago Illinois along with my co-host dr. Lee Warren and our special guest tonight is Edwin Crosby the third who hails from Albion New York we're going to do three shows on this subject we want to invite you into our living room this is a subject that involves the systemic abuse stealing and fraud of our veterans their benefits their jobs and over the last two and a half three weeks I was tipped off to this earlier last year here in Illinois we've had a big uproar about veterans the benefits coming to Illinois veterans being at the very bottom of the scale among the 50 states this hit about two and a half three years ago caused a huge uproar in the last couple of months we've had the Walter Reed Medical Hospital uproar about the deplorable conditions in Walter Reed while at the very top we have these pent houses these luxurious suites with oriental rugs and butlers and and we're here today to discuss something that goes down to at the bottom at the core of the root of the systemic computerized processing of the computers of the codes of the system of what makes the Veterans Affairs for benefits run and hum nationwide I was astounded when I learned about this a gentleman out of the blue called me from downstate Illinois and he said Fred are you aware of this problem aware of this issue he described it over the phone my jaw kind of dropped he sent some documents in the mail we put him in touch with a few other people which led to Mr Crosbie from upstate New York and Mr Crosbie thank you for coming here and spending this evening and these few days here in Chicago we've had you on the internet shortwave radio along with the satellite programming a couple of times this week hope to get them on the blogs hope to get them all over the world because this story is got to be broken open it's almost like I'm I'm witnessing something a bank robbery mr. Crosby you took litigation all the way to the Supreme Court after you were tipped off to something that caught your eye from Walter Cronkite's comments on the TV one one year take us back to 1974 and what caught your eye and what brought you to this day to the saga and the very beginning thank you for having me here Fred good evening veterans in 1974 March I'm sure other veterans saw this on the CBS Evening News Walter Cronkite there was a very short quick story and mr. Cronkite said that today the Department of Defense said it would stop putting secret coded numbers called spin codes on a veteran's discharge paper the dd-214 and only a couple hundred thousand veterans had these numbers and that was those with bad conduct and dishonorable discharges well quite naturally I thought to myself when I heard that I go shoo That's not me I have an honorable discharge so what happened from that result was at that time I was working at Griffiths Air Force Base Rome New York as a civilian worker as a temporary winter hire they called him there and I had taken a u.s. civil service exam my name was number one on the list and when spring time came they were going to hire three people permanently they'd always hire you for six months first to see if you're a good worker whatever and when they did to hiring they hired number nine number 11 and number 14 and I thought to myself this this is right if your name's number one on list and you're the smartest one why are they hiring people with less qualifications so I started to dig into this to find out why and of course the only thing I could do at that time was file an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint and I had to base it on religion so at least we had some investigation and by December of 775 their decision came down and said based on religion you don't win and so my attorney I had an attorney from the Legal Services Corporation in Syracuse New York and he filed immediately in January of 76 a complaint in federal court about this because based on what we heard from testimony something was very very wrong and then I got to thinking well maybe I better ask if I have one of these secret numbers so and I'll never forget that day February 2nd 1976 that's grand hog day there was a blizzard going outside up in the tug Hill plateau area in New York and I called the American Friends Service Committee in Syracuse New York who are Quaker people and I asked them do you know anything about these code numbers and they said why yes we do we have a list of them right here and and they told me where to look on my DD 214 to find this and and I said here's what it says and they said well your says unsatisfactory handling of personal affairs and I go what and I and so I went and called my attorney right away and but in a few weeks March of 1976 we had amended our complaint in federal court to say that I had lost this job because of this secret code number and had I waited until June of 76 there was a five year a statue of limitations from the date a veteran gets out of the military five years and when that ends you can't go back and do anything you have that time to correct a record to ask to take care of an injustice or whatever from 71 to 76 76 so I got this in within three months of it.

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