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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Website

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Website

In this tutorial I want to show you how you can create a online form for free which is very handy because when you do send out 100-200 forms out to people and once the forms are filled up you will need to enter all that information in an excel file or something in the computer with this when you send out the links to people people get the link they enter the information and it is automatically entered in an excel file and you can do this for free why a Google Drive and Microsoft hotmail onedrive so I'm going to show you both of them I've done a video in Microsoft Word for creating form and that's a really good thing but when you have lots of forms that will be filled up on paper this way would be a much better way to do if everybody has access to email so to do this you can go to drive.google.com or you log in to your gmail account and from the right-hand corner you click on the apps button and go to drive and it will bring you to this place and I've done other videos on Google Drive and onedrive and I'll put the links in the description if you wanted to know more about it so from here I want to create a form so I go to my drive new file and then you see an option for Google Forms or you can go to new more and then Google Forms and you can also create Word files an excel file and PowerPoint from here so I'll go to Google Forms and I'll click here on the top to give it a name and I'll just call it whatever I want to call it so I'll click OK and now here I can start entering my question and I can choose whether this is a multiple-choice or this is just a text and I can make it a required question so people cannot skip it and I can go to add an item and I can add a second question and I can make it text and they also have advanced settings here where you can set certain data validation like you can say that if it's a number it should be a greater than or less than if it's a text what am I looking for so there are some options you can use if you want it to and I can choose required and you can always delete a question you can duplicate it and you can always go back and edit it and I'll add an item and if you click in this drop-down button you know you can also choose what kind of a layout you want images video time and things so I'll click add an item and say I wanted to get some information about a date or something and they have options for date I can make it required and I can add an item and I'll just do one more where you get to choose from a list so I can say choose from a list if you're a teacher and you wanted to you could actually create a quiz for your students and you can send out those links to people and they also have an option by which you can set up a answer based quiz so that you can even have it tested so now this is done so I'll hit the done button and you can even allow responders to edit responses after submitting if you want it and now I'll just hit Send the forum and now you can send it to email addresses or I can just take the link and I can shorten the link here and I'll copy it by ctrl C and I'm done so I've opened a different browser just to test it and I'm going to paste the link here and there it is and here I can go ahead and enter a test for now pick a date and city and I'll let submit as soon as this information is submitted I will have this information in the Google excel file so I can go to this view responses or what Google does is it creates a file for the survey and also a separate file for the responses so I'll just show you here it should be appear right there my jen survey form and my jen survey responses or I can just click your view responses and now it's going to open up and there it is a mirror and the date and the time and everything is listed here so this is a really cool feature and it's free and there's a lot of other things you can do with it so so this is in Google form and I'm going to show you how to do this in Microsoft's onedrive so you go to hotmail comm and then from the left hand side corner you can come to onedrive so that's the easiest way to do it or you can go to onedrive dot live.com and login and you are - you can create Word files and Excel files and power point right online and share it with people so we'll do the form here if we create and they call it Excel survey so I'll click on it and I'll enter a title for my form so I'll just give it my fab survey and the same ideas here where you click here and now we're going to enter the questions here text required done and again they have the same things like paragraph text you can choose numbers or date/time and so if I type the city options here for example I can also choose the default answer so that it will shows up automatically so now I'm done here and I can choose to share the service.

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