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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 8850 Form Zones

Instructions and Help about When 8850 Form Zones

Well I chief Orio and if you gather to watch stuff a new key did got no key though still giving there to you I want to ask you about the I saw the arm I saw when you went into the alleged private conversation or session that I do juice ahead I was like that's interesting and what my concern was is that there shouldn't have been no reason for him to get off of it Evita if he if he initiated it like you said if he knew how to use the tool and if anything why doesn't why why'd he should at least engage the conversation like a real like a true diplomat a diplomat engages the conversation so that they can get to the root of the problem and didn't come up with a resolution and say well let's work towards something to make this out there you know the man yes yes I agree with everything you say do I so I'm just uh and and the guy that was um I think he's from Trinidad that was doing the translation it's obvious that he's been with the new audience for a while and he and he has mastered the language enough to be considered just to make it clear that he is indigenous you know what I mean because he's speaking the language for the oh yeah he's speaking it and I'm like I'm like where he must yeah he must have been there they must have got involved job he had to be there for some years to have mastered not well enough to speak it so my thought process and translate it for me without me having to happen right and that that made me think about what you were saying about when we start using I was putting the language and I in the language and I in our commercial documents anytime we go up in the vessel and they don't understand it's best to have someone there who can translate so that they know it is okay we are indigenous because we speak and read our language and you know different so I just I thought that that was kind of weird because it didn't and then you said that he's known for coming out of the UM sessions and coming back in listening so my start process is this if even if he did it the thinking should have been should have actually the only question that he needs to answer is this why he didn't contact you that's the only question he needs to answer because if he answered that question then that'll give that'll give you know that'll that'll Delaware least save him enough to be able to say I mean everybody makes mistakes you not I mean chief yeah and the thing is that you know hey it it just it'll just show that you know it doesn't you can't he it's almost like he's intoxicated look upon you know it felt like he's intoxicated with the power but I have a recording with an elder in South Carolina used to play with passion and they called him and his mate they tried to get me in the fall by the time I got on the phone he was gone and we spoke okay well what did he say we've recorded it we put it up on the internet and he asked me say okay the doc tell his wife to tell you all to get in touch with she's not yet he said simple question that's all you have to do he said you could have fixed this from a long time ago so when he asked he actually sang with him he was in the group did not do so I know the guy that you said that he was actually in the group fashion so he knows you know so he'll know he'll know whether oh wow well doctor your Givet doctor York did say he had to leave because they were turning what he had in place they were turning him into a religion they was turning him into a religion or belief system and he said he had to leave and that's what Bobby Hammond said to me to give me that video I'm telling you they hate it and I'm still looking forward I've been looking at look I you know you got on your own you got people that follow you yeah and you can click on their arm look at their videos I've been doing that with every new event I didn't did it with a prince York and all of it it's like I'm like I know one of these guys got to have it up here somewhere and I'm looking for it but the thing is this is that um it's not yeah it's not about I don't think he realized that it is not about him being in power because the reality of the situation is when they were responding and I heard them talking I'm saying to myself and I'm from Chicago you know I'm not a gang mentality is you know 50 I grew up with all the leaders in all of them I know what it is and I'm listening to them I say they sound like a bunch of wannabe thugs like SH I tell my trying to put together something and I'm like that's not what that is for that is not for you to be like okay you some gangsters the real gangsters are the ones who sit the ones who know Commerce and law they sit up there they wear a suit and they dictate how you live those are the real gangsters they dictate how you live what your lifestyle is I don't have to bring forth to you when I can play the game and say hey I have a whole bunch of other countries.

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