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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Abroad

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Abroad

Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Bangkok Thailand it's the evening now we just got to the airport we are on our way to use BEC Astana and that's a country it's it's an entire region of the world that I've never been to before we're gonna fly with Becca Stein Airlines and again this is an airline that I've never flown before so we're gonna check into our flight I'm gonna give you a review of the airline take the flight hopefully show you the food on this flight and then tomorrow morning we will arrive to Tashkent Uzbekistan so we just got to the airport we're about to go check-in it's 7:30 right now our flight leaves at 9:40 s so we have just exactly almost exactly two hours before our flight leaves we're gonna check in go through customs and immigration what's up I'll counter s all the way to the other side that's typically how it works we always get dropped out we do we just tell the taxi to always drop us off anywhere at the airport and then we just check the board to see where the check-in counter is but normally it ends up being like across the entire airport Music I think that might be the first time ever I've saran-wrapped baggage to check-in very cool that's kind of like a Micah's car seat is now Coon okay here we are we made it all the way across the terminal 2's counter s and okay it's actually whose Becca ston Airways I think I was saying maybe I was saying airline before it was Becca ston Airways hey we got all checked into our flight hassle-free they give you a sticker and it was bet that's the news Becca Stein Airways we made it through customs and immigration now into the main terminal International Terminal in Bangkok and our gate is g1 what time is it it's like okay it's 8:00 yeah it's 8:15 our flight leaves at 9:40 so we have about an hour about an hour until boarding Music but this entire trip to Uzbekistan we literally got our visa for who's Becca Stein yesterday we got the flight yesterday we're flying today this evening this entire trip came about so quickly we were invited by the Ministry of Tourism who is Becca's done and so they invited us we're still not sure of everything that we're gonna do I'm sure when we arrive tomorrow we'll figure all that out but yeah I'm very very excited to visit Miss Beckett's nun and I can't wait to show all of the videos all the food and travel videos with you as well Harbhajan of Larissa's Gabe Rosado chair Brigadier Obama Raja Padayappa boy get a is Elliott the Somali of the combined Sierra safar of tomorrow by a partial solar and our dances the chorus Nahor something he was never there amaz so we took off and I immediately fell asleep woke up and this time for snack now I'm not sure there's going to be a I think there will be a meal later but first a drink it's I think it's done peanuts to start off but I think we've been on in there for maybe 30 minutes or so although my god Music I'm always up for peanuts and I dropped one on my shirt too as for this actual plate it's a little bit on the other side the seats are kind of like bucket seats there's no tea on the seats there's no personal TVs but they do have a tiny little TV and upfront aging aging-- plane that we got up his flight but the peanuts were good we just got dinner choice between fish and chicken and I got chicken and it's kind of like a the plastic trait there's a couple of salads there's a lettuce salad there is love that is some kind of a potato salad there's a lot of salad there's maybe a cake oven and the entree is served separate from that little puree just time it's gonna handed me the the chicken chicken in the hot box while those are like baked chicken patty burger style with tomato sauce and potatoes there's broccoli on the side oh just just slid right out of my cork it's a little bit on the mushy side but I know kind of like chicken meatloaf and then there's this kind of like green her taste to it but real also really like chicken and egg e it just goes down so easily cuz so soft like I got the fish but he's not gonna eat it all so I got off his division Music and ago stick with the chicken burger I thought it was potatoes at first but it kind of feels in my fork like apple slices I think it is potato but just not all the way cooked so it's not star kids more like Chris a little bit this is what I'm assuming is the desert it's kind of there's apples in it for sure then it's kind of like jelly ish but piggish to complete this meal deal they serve you black teas along with the meal you drink the team with the meal as opposed to after the meal maybe after the meal too it is very juicy okay that completes dinner on this booze Becca's done Airways flight enroute be Tashkent four and a half four hours or so we have about four and a half more hours until we landed we wake up in tashkent we're gonna try to get some sleep probably not too much sleep and we will wake up tomorrow morning in Uzbekistan Music the distance over here just like the business webpage of a traditional airport welcome service 2:20 a.m. temperatures plus 30 degrees Celsius please remain seated yes it's often.

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