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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Agencies

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Agencies

Music click the context menu to start the application from the home screen access the context tab in the left menu enter the project context details all mandatory fields are highlighted in red they all must be filled in you will need to prthe following information main objective of the project choose between innovation and exchange of good practices select if your project is a transnational youth initiative please note that this option is only available if you select exchange of good practices first project title project acronym project title in English project start date total duration of the project national agency of the applicant organization and language use to fill in the form national agency and language can be selected from a drop-down list once all information has been entered the fields are marked in green note if information in the form is incorrect or does not meet certain criteria a warning message is displayed all errors must be corrected before submitting the application select your national agency one important aspect to take into account IRR this step of your application is the National Agency to which you want to submit your application you will find a drop-down list with the relevant erasmus+ national agencies covering each field of education training and youth in the drop-down list each national agency is identified by a unique code accompanied by the name of the country in the national language on the left hand side the context tab in the menu is marked with a green check to indicate that this section of your application is completed participating organizations all participating organizations must be registered with the participant portal and have a participant identification code p IC before completing the webform the p IC will be used to complete details of the organization in the application form the details of your organization cannot be updated in the application form in the participant portal check the participant portal guide for more information you can add organizations with different roles to the project general aspects that take into account for all roles details of the organization are added via the P I see associated persons to the organization are added additional organizations may be added depending on the application these organizations may then be used in other sections of the application form to indicate the organization's involvement in the project at the applicant organization click participating organizations in the side menu and then the participating organizations link to open the participating organizations screen and details of the organization or organizations participating in the project here you can add the applicant organization as well as the partner organizations enter a nine digit p IC of the applicant organization and add details of the organization linked to the P IC into the application form the p IC field indicates a green stripe this means that the p IC entered is recognized by the participant portal a warning message before the p IC field indicates that additional details are required for this application form the organization details linked to this p IC are entered into the application form this screen displays the legal name and country to view details of the organization and edit additional details of the organization click the menu icon click organization details update details of the organization the applicant organization details screen opens click the top tabs to switch between different sections tabs with a green checkmark are complete a red warning sign means that some information is missing you can also scroll through various sections details of the applicant organization are completed with the details related to the pic entered into the participant portal they cannot be edited in the form fields with missing information are highlighted with a red stripe similarly to the applicant organization section a red warning sign in additional sections means that some information is missing to view an edit information click the menu icon to expand the section update the profile the first information to update is the profile please note that the field type of organization is mandatory and one option must be selected from the drop-down list if you have already applied for Erasmus plus the field type of organization will be prefilled please check if the value displayed is correct if it is not choose another option from the drop-down list update additional fields and tabs in this example additional information must be added to the section background and experience all fields in the section of free text and mandatory make sure that the applicant organization and partner organizations fields prinformation which is relevant to your strategic partnership project both the applicant organization and partner organizations field should identify specific experiences skills and key staff who can show capacity and potential to implement activities that you are applying for you should collect this information in advance by using an online survey or any other means to easily collect information from your project partners once the details of your organisation have been updated in the forum go back to the main stage of participating organizations the applicant organization information is now marked with a green check meaning that all mandatory information has been entered when all the details have been completed you will see a green check mark in the side menu details about other partner organizations are entered in the same way as about the application organization project description this section in the application asks for information about objectives relevance and participants of the project please note that each free-text part has the limit of 5,000 characters with spaces use some text processing software like Microsoft Word or similar to calculate the size of your text before entering it in the web application form to continue with the application click project description in the side menu first select the most relevant horizontal or sectoral priority from the drop-down list based on the objectives of your project then if relevant select up.

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