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Hello welcome to our edging product review first we are testing out the window opens what you drawing max Steve for my left knee Shane what universe I'm drawing a Minecraft world and if you make a mistake and you rub it off arms it's saying that yeah you can rub it off with a towel it's rarely easy to do look now I don't flowers this is cool I read alive these pens because they rarely rarely I wish we could be a little more colors and what do you do if your pen wears down to the end how do you is that all you have all can you get any more out of it and push the spot a little more like a lipstick or something yeah yeah you can't put it on your lips no max what do you think of the window comes the so-called uneasily duel them on windows were able to keep and now for the textile pen I ran like these pens because it's like you can customize write your own clothes and put working one time express your ideas on and I've got load and these are cool I just draw the 3d house face things why are you doing change jarring whiskers look at what like news Khmer pull this look yeah when you don a conduit haha you inside Thank You edging for sending of skis pens please subscribe to our moon you

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