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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Documentation

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Documentation

To set up your document according to the seventh edition of MLA go first up to the page Layout tab click on it and then click on the margins launcher arrow in the big drop down menu that you see click on normal to place a one-inch margin on all sides top bottom left and right next you're going to choose what MLA calls an easily readable font Times New Roman Arial Calibri stuff like that to do that go up to the font launcher arrow launch that dialog box and then in that big dialog box choose your font first then choose your font style make sure it is regular then choose your font size 11 or 12 now close that box and the next thing you're going to do in MLA is be sure to turn off automatic hyphenation to do that go up to the page Layout tab again but this time click on the hyphenation launcher arrow and then in that drop-down box choose none close that box and you've taken off that automatic hyphenation now you're going to set up your MLA header head means the top of the page and this is the thing that's going to be repeated on each top of each page so go first up to the insert tab click on the insert tab and then come over and click the header launcher arrow then in the drop down menu that you see you're going to choose blank now once that's closed what you want to do is to move your cursor over to the far right side of the page until it is directly in line with the one-inch margin that means one inch from the top and one inch from the right side now what you want to do is to type in your last name hit the spacebar one time now go back up to that insert tab again and this time come over and click on the number launcher arrow now you're going to select your number style and that's going to be current position and now you see that header got your name space page number and word is going to automatically number all of your pages in sequence with that header of your last name now to exit from the header area what you want to do is to double click either on the word header or you can double click anywhere in the body of the document now what you want to do is go to the line spacing tool click on it and then in the drop-down menu be sure to select 2.0 or double spacing in MLA the entire document is double-spaced there is nothing else but double spacing in your MLA document no extra lines between any of the elements after you have set that double spacing what you want to do is go to the alignment tool bar and click left aligned now you're ready to type in the info block on your MLA paper you begin first by typing in your name hit enter one time gives you a double space now you're going to type in your teacher's name hit enter gives your double space then you're going to type in the name of the course all the course information that your teacher has asked you to supply usually the name and number of the course sometimes the section and then hit enter and then the last thing you're going to type in is the date hit enter one more time to give yourself another doubles play space and this time go up to the alignment tool bar and select center alignment now your cursor is exactly in the center of the page and you're ready to type in the full title of your paper if that title has two parts be sure to separate the two parts with a colon a couple of other tips about your title whenever you type it in be sure to use title capitalization and what that means is you capitalize every word except articles coordinating conjunctions but and yet Fort Warren or so and prepositions but for title capitalization you always capitalized the first word and the last word of a title no matter what they are a couple more tips about about your title that you see here be sure not to do anything else to it don't underline it don't boldface it don't put it in quotes go put it in all caps and if you're going to italicize anything italicize only the word or words that you would also italicize in the body of your paper in other words it's some kind of title of a work or some other kind of proper noun that you would italicize anywhere including your title okay the next thing we want to do after you have typed that title in you want to hit enter to give yourself a double space go back up to that text alignment toolbar and touch on left a line now your cursor is all the way over to the left and you're ready to begin typing in the body of your paper your first paragraph of course and all your paragraphs in MLA have to be indented 1/2 inch you have two ways of indenting the first line of a paragraph you can either hit the tab key one time that gives you a half space because a half inch tab is the default in Microsoft Word there's another way of setting your first line indent you can go up to the first line indent triangle which is all the way up at the top up above your paper left-click on that triangle and then drag it over to the half inch mark and that will also give you a half inch indention for your first paragraph now once you've got that intention set just go ahead and type in the body of.

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